100 Remarkable Bearded Dragon Science-themed Names - Petsvills (2023)

100 Remarkable Bearded Dragon Science-themed Names - Petsvills (1)

by ARI

Recently adopted a baby beardie and now searching for bearded dragon science-themed names?

We have handpicked 100 unique scientific names for your bearded dragon that you will absolutely love!

The hardest part will be choosing just one!

Let’s check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

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50 names for your Male Bearded dragon

  1. Albert – The name of the famous scientist, this name means bright and noble.
  2. Amedeo – A variant of Amadeus, it means ‘love of God.’
  3. Alexander – Taken from Alexandre Eiffel, it means defending men.
  4. Bernhard – For your little friend, this name means brave bear.
  5. Blaise – This name was taken by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal.
  6. Clarence – Inspired by the ‘Clarence House’ and the town Clare.
  7. Carl – This name was opted by a famous astronomer Carl Sagan.
  8. Claudius- Get your pal named after a Greek Astronomer, Claudius Ptolemy.
  9. Chaim – Name your reptile after the British chemist, Chaim Weizmann.
  10. Deke – Quite unusual but the best for a bearded dragon. It means unknown.
  11. Dalton – The name signifies a valley town that is beautiful and serene.
  12. Dimitri – Remember Dimitri Mendeleev? It means the Earth Mother.
  13. Daniel – Formulator of Bernoulli’s Principle, Daniel Bernoulli was well known.
  14. Elon – World’s richest person, Elon Musk!
  15. Edison – Let your love shine bright like the bulb of Thomas Edison.
  16. Erasmus – Grandfather of the ‘survival of the fittest!’ It means beloved.
  17. Enrico – Enrico Fermi created the nuclear reactor, which we all study about.
  18. Euclid – Read about Euclidean Geometry? The name symbolizes good glory.
  19. Ernst – Richard Ernst brought MRI and NMR into existence.
  20. Évariste – The name of the French Mathematician Évariste Galois.
  21. Francis – Francis Crick discovered that DNA has a double helix.
  22. Ferdinand – Let your dragon be a founder like Ferdinand Porsche.
  23. Fleming – Does your pet take antibiotics? Thanks to Alexander Fleming.
  24. Felix – For your lucky charm, Felix Klein worked upon modern geometry.
  25. Fritz – Is your dragon a ‘peaceful ruler’ of your house?
  26. Frederick – A name related to the discovery of DNA’s base components.
  27. Graham – founder of Graham’s law and a telephone, talk to your pet with it.
  28. George – The name means a farmer but is deeply associated with science.
  29. Galileo – Get your pet close to Galileo Galilei, the famous astronomer.
  30. Gerhard – Gerhard Herzberg brought forth molecular spectroscopy.
  31. Gaspard – The Treasurer who looks after your wealth, The feng shui dragon!
  32. Glenn – As deep as a ‘valley’ this name is, owned by John Glenn.
  33. Giovanni – Name your cute baby after Giovanni Cassini.
  34. Gottfried – Familiar with calculus? It was Gottfried Leibniz who introduced it.
  35. Giulio – Polymers were discovered and introduced by Giulio Natta.
  36. Gregor – Gregor is a perfect name for a dragon who is ‘watchful.’
  37. Gottlieb – Gottlieb Daimler worked on the internal combustion engine.
  38. Hubble – A name for the ‘brave spirit’ who resides in your dragon.
  39. Hawking – The famous Stephen Hawking can be a great inspiration.
  40. Herschel – If your dragon is as docile as a deer, he has this name!
  41. Henri – Do you ride the Henry ‘Ford?’ If you do, then name your pet Henry.
  42. Isaac – Sir Isaac Newton introduced the three magical laws to the world.
  43. Irving – The theory of surface chemistry was given by Irving Langmuir.
  44. James – The first steam engine was James Watt’s contribution.
  45. Jonathan – Several scientists named Jonathan have contributed to humanity.
  46. Jacob – Jacob Bernoulli is a widely popular personality in math and science.
  47. Jens – Jens Skou contributed significantly to Biology.
  48. Liu – This name is a synonym of willow tree.
  49. Mario – Mario, the Chemist, discovered the hole in the ozone layer.
  50. Otto – Mr. Otto Frank or Sir Otto Hahn?

50 names for your Female Bearded dragon

100 Remarkable Bearded Dragon Science-themed Names - Petsvills (2)

Science is full of extraordinary women who made remarkable discoveries! Check out a few that make great bearded dragon names, too.

  1. Agnes – Symbolizing ‘chaste,’ in real life, Agnes Robertson did wonders.
  2. Ada – It means Noble, and is inspired by Ada Lovelace.
  3. Aurora – The polar lights are named Aurora that are beautiful to look at.
  4. Alice – After Alice Ball, University of Hawaii’s first female chemistry professor.
  5. Andromeda – It symbolizes closeness and is a beautiful astronomy name.
  6. Augusta – Another name of Ada Lovelace.
  7. Alpha – An excellent science-themed name for an incredible pet!
  8. Astra – This name means ‘of the stars,’ which makes a perfect name.
  9. Barbara – She was a well-known scientist who worked on cytogenetics.
  10. Beryl – This name is inspired by Beryllium on the periodic table.
  11. Caroline – Caroline was the first female scientist who discovered comets.
  12. Cori – The field of medicine advanced further because of Gerty Cori.
  13. Charlotte – Princess Charlotte and Charlotte Agnes Scott are very popular.
  14. Dian – Name your girl Dian to symbolize divinity and heaven.
  15. Ester – It means a distant star of Slavic origin.
  16. Elizabeth – Elizabeth Stern is famous due to her contribution to pathology.
  17. Florence – Florence Nightingale or Florence Sabin, you can choose any.
  18. Galilea – A unique name for a unique female reptile that is rare to find.
  19. Grace – Grace Murray Hopper is famous for introducing Computer Science.
  20. Hypatia – Hypatia was a famous mathematician in the 5th century.
  21. Hedy – Dragons are combative, and so does the name imply.
  22. Henrietta – Henrietta Swan Leavittdiscovered why stars are luminescent.
  23. Helia – it means ‘of the sun.’ It comes from helium present in the sun.
  24. Ira – Iron is the inspiration behind this name.
  25. Julia – Diophantine equation was introduced by the famous Julia Robinson.
  26. Jane – Jane Goodall is a scientist working with Chimpanzees.
  27. Kate – Make your draggy feel royal like Duchess Kate and ambitious.
  28. Lise – if you are interested in science, you must know Lise Meitner.
  29. Lillian – Bloom like a Lily and Lillian Gilbert.
  30. Marie- After Marie Curie, the famous chemist.
  31. Margaret – The name means pearl. Margaret Burbidge is the inspiration.
  32. Martha – A name for the ‘Lady.’
  33. Mars – Dragons, and Mars are both Fiery and red.
  34. Nora – It stands for something ‘New’ and Nora Blatch Barney, a civil engineer.
  35. Olive – Name your pet after Olive Dennis, who contributed to Engineering.
  36. Rosalind – The famous character in English Literature and hereditary Biology.
  37. Rachel – Rachel Carson wrote the famous book ‘ Silent Spring.’
  38. Radia – Radia Perlman is famous for her contribution to network security.
  39. Renee – Renee means ‘rebirth’ and comes from Renee M Borges.
  40. Ruby – Ruby is the short name of Rubidium, an element in chemistry.
  41. Stephanie – It means crown and wealth and thus forms a beautiful name.
  42. Sally – Is your girl your ‘princess?’ Do you know the first woman in space?
  43. Sophia – Stands for “wisdom’ in Greek, which is a perfect match for dragons.
  44. Stella – The star lover and his star, Astrophel and Stella.
  45. Selenia – Inspired by Selenium, the name symbolizes the Moon goddess.
  46. Temple – Temple Grandin has lent her hand towards animal welfare.
  47. Tesla – The electrical car or Nikola Tesla? Which one does your pet pick?
  48. Venus – It is a planet also the evening star and even the name of a goddess.
  49. Vega – It is the name of another bright star in the solar system.
  50. Vana – This name comes from an element, Vanadium.

If you have a love for science, I am positive you’ll love at least one of the ideas for bearded dragon names above.

My favorite for a boy is Hawking. For a girl, you can never go wrong with naming her after Marie Curie!

100 Remarkable Bearded Dragon Science-themed Names - Petsvills (3)

what are your favorite bearded dragon science-themed names? share with us below!

100 Remarkable Bearded Dragon Science-themed Names - Petsvills (4)


Ari is a passionate animal lovers. He loves finding quirky names for his guinea pig and bearded dragon.

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