20 Little-Known Facts About The Bermuda Triangle (2022)

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places in the world. This is due to the area that is known as the Bermuda Triangle is the place where a lot of strange things happen. These strange things can include boats and airplanesgoing missing or something as simple as finding out your compass doesn't work anymore when traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. The actual triangle connects San Juan, Miami, and Bermuda. While there is a lot of mystery that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle, there are some known facts about the Bermuda Triangle. The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle is up there with conspiracies about Area 51.

We don't know if the BermudaTriangle will ever be explained or not but there are some occurrenceswith the Bermuda Triangle that we can learn from. Since the Bermuda Triangle became so famous through pop culture, it has been seen in several forms of entertainment. Movies and TV to even video gameshave covered the Bermuda Triangle. While many people know about the Bermuda Triangle, not everyone knows about its true powers. We will likely never know the truth behind the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle but here are some strange facts that help us better understand it.

20 The Bermuda Triangle Is Bigger Than You Think

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When people think about the Bermuda Triangle you may think that it is a small triangle that connects three small points but in reality, the actual Bermuda Triangle is a lot larger than people realize. The total size of the Bermuda Triangle can be anywhere from440,000 to 1,510,000 square miles of ocean according towonderopolis.org. The size of the Bermuda Triangle has been changing over the years so it is hard to pin down the exact size. The sheer size of the triangle adds to the difficulty of finding planes and ships that have crashed within the triangle's walls.

19 Also Known As The Devil's Triangle

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Take one look at the name "Devil's Triangle" and it doesn't seem like a place many people want to visit. During the 1950s when an activity within the Bermuda Triangle was being picked up nicknames for the triangle started to come out. Several nicknames included Devil's Triangle, Limbo of Lost and several other dramatic nicknames. The final nickname the triangle received was the Bermuda Triangle which was created byVincent H. Gaddis when he wrote about the triangle in a pulp fiction magazine, according towikivisually.com.Ever since then the preferred name of the triangle was, of course, the Bermuda Triangle.

18 Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ Was Inspired By It

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Many people believe that Shakespeare'sThe Tempestwas inspired by an event that occurred within the Bermuda Triangle. Around the time Shakespeare wrote this play the Bermuda Triangle was not known as well as it was today. Shakespeare was simply writing a play based off a shipwreck that occurred in1609. A ship was put off track into a storm between the Bermuda and Florida and never reached its destination. Just after the wreck news spread quickly and conspiracies were being talked about. It wasn't until much later that people started to piece together similarities between Shakespeare'sThe Tempestand the Bermuda Triangle that they realized he was inspired by it.

17 The Triangle Won't Recognize Magnetic North

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The Bermuda Triangle is one of the only places in the world that compasses point towards the true north and not magnetic north. Magnetic north doesn't take into account the Earth rotates on a tilted axis and so when a compass points towards the true north it will veer a bit to the side of magnetic north. That being said, the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the only places on Earth that recognizes true north is a bit strange. This has definitely added to the conspiracies about the Bermuda Triangle. It is a real problem when planes and boats use compasses to travel and they will point towards true north instead of the magnetic north which trips up people traveling.

16 The Triangle Is Seen As Paranormal

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Okay while saying that the Bermuda Triangle deals with the paranormal isn't a fact, saying that paranormal investigators say it is paranormal is a fact. Many people will immediately point towards UFO's when discussing the disappearance of boats and especially planes. This theory is also backed up by the fact that some people claim to see UFOs flying over the triangle from the coasts in which it connects. While these are all obviously just speculations, it is worth noting that a large community of people believe the Bermuda Triangle to have paranormal powers.

15 It Sunk The USS Cyclops

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One of the earliest reported casualties within the Bermuda Triangle was a ship known the USS Cyclops. The ship was large and stretched to be542-foot-long. The ship started its voyage inMarch of 1918 and it was carrying over 300 men and several thousand supplies, according to history.com. However, the ship would never make it to its destination as the ship went down somewhere betweenBarbados and the Chesapeake Bay. The strangest part was the ship was supposed to be advanced in the sense that it had radios which could contact someone in case of emergencies. There wasnever an SOS signal sent out from the ship.

14 It Destroyed War Planes During WWII

During World War II the British and United States militaries sent over air fleets to fly alongside each other in their times of need. In order to do this many planes flew right over the area of the Bermuda Triangle. Several planes went missing without a trace. Specifically, the planes are known as the British South American Airways ‘Star Tiger’ and ‘Star Ariel’ planesand the ‘Douglas DC-3’ flown by the British Royal Air Force. All three planes were designed to be the best that either side had and there was no reason they should have gone down where they did.

13 The Mysterious DisappearanceOf The Navy Planes

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Similarly to the last entry, several navy planes fell out of the sky in 1945 that was coming fromFort Lauderdale, Florida. The planes were only practicing their flying as they were flying off the coast of Miami. The skies were clear that day and overall it seemed like it would be a successful training session. It wasn't until the lead pilot reported strange things happening with his compass that they decided to try and find a place to land. They couldn't find a place to land and ran out of fuel, which is strange given the fact that they weren't very far from their original base.

12 The Triangle Destroyed A Whole Marine Tanker

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A marine tanker ship that was called "Sufler Queen"sank in 1963, with 39 well-trained navy men aboard. The ship was tasked with delivering molten sulfur to the southern coast of Florida. When they reached the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle things took a turn for the worse. The ship shouldn't have disappeared as it was a large ship weighing in at 7,240 tons and more than 300 feet high according to history.com. Everyone was shocked to find out that the ship had disappeared and the Coast Guard was forced to put out this vague message, “In view of the vast search operations conducted, the ship and her entire crew of 39 men are presumed to be lost”.

11 The Bermuda Triangle Sunk A Nuclear Powered Submarine

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Around the 1960s is when nuclear power started to become more and more advantageous to use as a power source. One of the many benefits of using nuclear power was the potential for transportation. The military started to fully fund nuclear-powered vehicles and one of the first contenders for that was a submarine named the 'Scorpion' that took to the seas in1968. However, it didn't make it very far as it was sunk by the Bermuda Triangle. The submarine was not only filled with a little under a hundred people but it was also filled with secret documents all of which are now presumed missing.

10 The Triangle Dismantled Two Planes In 2017

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While the article has talked about things that have occurred in the past it is important to note that strange things occurring within the Bermuda Triangle's walls haven't stopped. Just last year two flights experienced strange occurrences when flying over the Bermuda Triangle. One flightTurkish Airlines flight TK183 experienced strange technical problems which spooked the captain into turning around and making an emergency landing. Later on, in 2017 a private plane contacted air traffic control saying it lost control of its plane and it was lost at sea right above the Bermuda Triangle.

9 The Bermuda Triangle Moves

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Everyone knows there is something strange going on inside the walls of the Bermuda Triangle and just like its size nobody really knows where its borders are. That is because they don't stay in one exact spot for very long. Depending on the weather and the time of year the Bermuda Triangle's walls can be larger or smaller than that of what you see on a map. Even though the Bermuda Triangle has three definite points it doesn't mean that the triangle doesn't move. It can be thought of more as a triangle floating back and forth over the three points that connect the triangle.

8 The Bermuda Triangle Is Prone To Producing Cyclones

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With all of the dissapearances that we have covered in the article, there are some strange things that happen within the Bermuda Triangle that don't have anything to do with planes or boats going missing. One of these things is the fact that the Bermuda Triangle has a high rate of producing cyclones. The Bermuda Triangle is located right where many of the hurricanes come from during hurricane season so it is no surprise that many hurricanes and cyclones pass through the Bermuda Triangle. If anything the Bermuda Triangle builds upon these cyclones that have already been produced and pushes them towards the coasts.

7 The Methane Hydrate Theory Behind The Triangle

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While there are many theories about the paranormal being behind the strange effects the Bermuda Triangle has there have also been theories that have been based in science. Scientists say that large amounts of methane are let loose from the ocean floor leaving large holes behind in the ocean. These large holes in the sea floor act as a sort of vacuum and may be one of the reasons that so many ships disappear.Vladimir Romanovsky of the University of Alaska Fairbanks is quoted as saying “sinkholes in the ocean produced as a result of decomposing gas hydrates” may be the cause of the ships disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle.

6 Strange Rock Formations

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The lost city of Atlantis is another conspiracy and mystery all in its own. The lost city of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle share many conspiracies and many people think that one was caused by the other. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the Bermuda Triangle is the reason Atlantis has gone missing and the facts lie off the coast of the Bahamas’ Bimini Island. The island has strange rock formations that many people believe is some remnants of buildings from Atlantis. Of course, this is all speculation and none of this should be taken as truth.

5 Christopher Columbus Saw The Triangle Burst Into Flames

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Christopher Columbus traveled straight through the Bermuda Triangle on his voyage to the New World. Along this journey, he would take notes down in his journal and one would stand out as very strange to many. Christopher Columbus wrote "a great flame of fire" and reported seeing a strange light in the sky. Scientists have basically debunked this theory as Columbus seeing a meteor fall from space and land in the ocean but this hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists to claim that it was aliens. One solid piece of evidence was the fact that Christopher Columbus also noted that his compass was acting strangely.

4 The Fog Has Strange Properties

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If you have seen anything about the Bermuda Triangle in movies or TV you may notice that the triangle is always surrounded in fog.Many people believe this fog to have strange powers within the triangle. This was backed up when a pilot was flying over the Bermuda Triangle in 1970 when he came across a strange shape in the fog that was a circle. He decided to fly through the circle and when he did everything in his plane began to go haywire. He was even reported as saying "lines on the walls that spun counter-clockwise". When he contactedMiami’s Air Traffic Control they reported not being able to see a plane in his area. When he made it out of the fog in a few minutes he realized that half an hour had passed leading him and many others to believe that the Bermuda Triangle has time warping capabilities.

3 It Houses An Undersea Test Center

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Located inside the Bermuda Triangle near Bahamas’ Andros Island is the US Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centre, a.k.a. AUTEC. This is where the United States navy tests all of their new equipment. Everything from sonar to weapons is tested here. Most of the equipment is fully submerged and allows them to test the best underwater combat situations. If the United States government and military are located here then it is no surprise that they haven't released any information on if anything strange has happened at AUTEC. However, it is safe to say if anything did happen there it sounds like they are prepared.

2 It Is Still DestroyingA Large Number Of Ships And Planes Every Year

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As mentioned before even though a large number of plane crashes and boat accidents were reported many decades ago, it doesn't mean that the Bermuda Triangle isn't responsible for plane crashes even to this year. It is averaged that 4 aircrafts and 20 ships/yachts go down in the Bermuda Triangle every year. However, none of the planes and boats that go missing every year stay missing. They are usually found and accounted for. Many claims that the cause of all of these crashes is simply due to the amount of traffic the area sees and the bad weather that plagues the area.

1 Most Cruises Head Through The Bermuda Triangle

Many people don't realize but if you have ever been on a cruise to the Carribean you have been in the Bermuda Triangle at least once. Chances are you will visit it again if you frequent cruises. This is especially true if you live in the southeastern part of the United States. While it isn't likely that the paranormal forces that are in so many other incidents involving the Bermuda Triangle will affect you, it is interesting to think of the possibility of something strange happening on your cruise. You will most likely be on a cruise with nice weather and calm waters and not even realize you are in the center of the famed Bermuda Triangle.

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