6 Month Old Kitten Guide - What To Expect and How To Care For Them (2023)

6 Month Old Kitten Guide - What To Expect and How To Care For Them (1)A 6 month old kitten is at a rewarding and fun age, but they can also cause a fair amount of trouble for their families! As they enter the notorious teenage phase, you’ll find their activity levels and playful saw, and the claws and teeth come out at unexpected moments. Fortunately, they are usually loving too, curling up on your lap like little angels after causing an hour of chaos.


  • What do 6 month old kittens look like?
  • How big is a 6 month old kitten?
  • Teenage cat behavioral issues
  • How to feed a 6 month old kitten
  • How much should they sleep?
  • Coping with kitten teeth and teething

By this point, your kitten will be much bigger than he was when you first brought him home. But, their exact size will depend on the breed you have. They may start to go through puberty, and have often reached their sexual maturity. Let’s take a look at what to expect from a 6 month kitten, including care, feeding, and temperament.

6 Month Old Kitten Appearance

Whether you’re trying to figure out exactly how old your cat is, or just wondering what they will be like at 6 months old, cat appearance is interesting! So, what should a cat look like after their first half year of life?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to tell you exactly what your cat will look like at 6 months old, because it will depend a lot on your breed. There is a huge amount of variation between cat breeds. You can get hairless cats, those with short coats, and super fluffy cats.

Some have flat faces, and others have long pointed snouts. Some have folded ears, and others have giant bat-like ears. So, their general appearance will depend largely on the type of cat you have.

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Looks Can Vary Between Breeds

As a general idea, your 6 month old cat will be looking much more adult than when you first brought him or her home. By this age, your cat will almost be at their adult size. Their coats will be shinier and more cat-like, as they have lost their kitten fluff.

It’s possible your cat could look a little lanky at this stage, as they haven’t quite finished growing into their long limbs! But remember, even though they look much more adult, they are still kittens. Cats generally aren’t considered adults until they reach one year old.

6 Month Old Kitten Guide - What To Expect and How To Care For Them (2)

6 Month Old Kitten Size

Weight and size is another common curiosity for most cat-owners. But, this too will have some variation between individual cats. The average cat will gain around 1 pound a month of weight. So, by 6 months old, the average kitten will weigh around 6 pounds.

If you’re worried that your cat is not a healthy weight, the best person to speak to is your vet. They will be able to consider your kitten as an individual, rather than just estimating for cats in general.

Smaller cat breeds such as the Cornish Rex and Singapura may weigh less than 6 pounds at this age. Their growth will start to slow at this age. But bigger breeds, like the Maine Coon and Savannah cat, may weigh more than this 6 pound average. They may have a lot more growing to do!

There is a huge amount of variation, even among single breeds. So don’t worry if your cat is a little off this average, as long as your vet confirms their health.

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6 Month Old Kitten Temperament

6 month cats are starting to enter their juvenile, teenage stage. This means their temperament might be about to change! You may find that your kitten starts to get a bit more attitude than they used to have!

Their temperament may also change if you choose to get them spayed or neutered at this age. But we will talk more about this in a moment.

Your six month old kitten will be playful when they aren’t enjoying a cat nap. So, it’s a great idea to invest in some cat toys! If you have socialized your kitten well, they may also now be extra interactive with you. They may start to initiate cuddling sessions, which is a wonderful way to bond.

6 Month Old Kitten Sleeping Patterns

Your kitten will be acting more like an adult cat and less like a baby. This means they may start to sleep more during the day. Don’t worry if you see them lounging around a lot more. This is completely normal! It’s a great idea to choose some comfy cat beds for your kitty to sleep in during the day.

Veterinary Visits and Vaccinations

Cat vaccination schedules may vary a little depending on where you live. Vaccines will protect your kitten from nasty diseases like cat flu, feline parvovirus, and feline calicivirus. In the UK and USA, your kitten should have had all core vaccines by the time they are 4 months old. So, make sure to speak to your vet if this hasn’t happened.

At six months old, your kitten may receive a booster vaccine. Although, many boosters won’t happen until a year after their initial vaccines. Non-core vaccinations may only be given to your kitten if their lifestyle requires it. Perhaps more relevant at 6 months of age is spaying and neutering your cat.

6 Month Old Kitten Spaying and Neutering

If you haven’t already, you should consider neutering or spaying your 6 month old cat. Spaying and neutering is mainly important because it helps to control the cat population. But it can also have health and behavioral benefits to your individual cat.

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Traditionally, many vets recommended waiting until 6 months to neuter or spay your cat. But, some now suggest it is possible and better to sterilize your kitten earlier.

Some cat breeds are capable of reproducing as young as 3 or 4 months old. But they of course aren’t allowed outside until their vaccinations are finished. So, if you haven’t already, 6 months is a great age for you to discuss spaying and neutering with your vet.

Signs of Sexual Maturity in Kittens

There are some signs to look out for if you think your cat is approaching sexual maturity. Male kittens may start to spray urine to mark their territory. This can result in smelly furniture! Neutering male cats may stop them from travelling further and further from home to find a mate. So, it can be a good option to keep outdoor cats safer.

Female kittens are likely to have their first heat cycle in their first 6 months of age. This is a cyclical process in which heat can last for several days.

Your cat can get pregnant when they are in heat. But, female cats can also be spayed during heat. So, speak to your vet if you think it is the right time to spay your female cat.

Time For Teething

Some cats will still have a few baby teeth at 6 months, but others may have lost them all. You might find baby kitten teeth around your home as your cat sheds them. But many cats just swallow them!

However, if an adult tooth erupts and the baby tooth in the same spot is still hanging on two weeks later, the most up to date advice is to extract it sooner rather than later. But, many cats don’t finish getting their adult teeth until 7 months old.

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6 Month Old Kitten Food

How much to feed a 6 month old kitten will depend on the breed you have and their size. Try to be guided by the packet, and by looking at your cat’s shape. Cats this age should still be eating a food specifically designed for kittens. All cats are obligate carnivores. Kittens need a high fat diet with plenty of real meat.

Check with your vet if you are worried you aren’t feeding your cat the right amount. And take a look at our feeding guide linked at the end of this article for more information on the best kitten food for your 6 month old.

Advances in Grooming and Handling

It’s important that you continue to handle your kitten, and keep them used to experiences like grooming. Doing this will mean that in the future you will find it easier to groom your cat when you need to. Some cats have more intense grooming needs than others. Those with longer fur might need more grooming care as they get older! But, handling is always important so your cat is used to being held.

This can also be important for when you need to check your kitty over, in case anything is ever wrong with them.

Your 6 Month Old Kitten

6 month old cats can be great fun to spend time with. You cat will start looking and acting a lot more like an adult cat. However, they may start to get some teenage attitude!

What is your 6 month old kitten like? Please share your experiences and stories in the comments.

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