Cat Food Chart from (2022)

Data compiled by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM - September 2012
Data provided by the respective companies - June - September 2012

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The charts below include:
  1. Canned/pouch foods commonly available
  2. Alternative and presciption foods:
    • Frozen - pasteurized with heat
    • Dehydrated - pasteurized with high pressure processing (HPP)
    • Dehydrated - no pasteurization
    • Raw - pasteurized with HPP
    • Raw - no pasteurization
    • Veterinarian-prescribed

The companion PDF chart lists canned food in ascending order of phosphorus level.

(Video) How to Calculate Carbohydrates in Cat Food: You NEED This Knowledge!

Please visit, as well as the bottom section of this chart, for more information regarding feline nutrition and other health care topics. Note that there is no dry kibble included here. See the Urinary Tract Health and Diabetes pages at for reasons why dry food is not recommended for cats. The main reasons are:

  1. Water-depleted diets do not promote urinary tract health and they significantly increase your cat's risk for very painful and potentially fatal urethral obstructions, as well as cystitis.
  2. Diets high in carbohydrates negatively impact the blood sugar level of many cats, predisposing them to diabetes.
  3. Cats are obligate carnivores and are designed to get their protein from animal sources, not plants (grains and vegetables).

If your cat is a dry food addict, please see Tips for Transitioning Dry Food Addicts to Canned Food.

Chart Notes

  1. Except as otherwise noted, the products listed are considered to be complete diets, rather than for supplemental feeding only.
  2. Inclusion of a product in this chart does not imply my endorsement. The chart is simply a compilation of data for many commercial options. This chart is a 'work in progress' and will be updated as I receive more data.
  3. Except where noted for Purina products (Friskies, Fancy Feast, FF Elegant Medleys, ProPlan, and Purina One), the data contained in this chart are from typical nutrient analyses - not 'guaranteed analyses' which are only minimum and maximum values making them inaccurate by definition. However, even the values below are not etched in stone so do not take them too literally since there can be substantial variation from batch-to-batch. For example, a higher fat content of the meat ingredients will decrease the protein and carbohydrate fractions, as well as decrease the phosphorus content and increase the caloric density.
  4. Most nutritionists prefer to consider nutrients on an energy (calorie) basis but dry matter figures are included for those readers who prefer to evaluate foods on a DMB.
  5. Blank cells = data not provided yet
  6. See below the chart for general nutrition and label reading comments as well as a discussion of why some companies are not included.

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Brand Group Flavor P F C mg Phos/ 100 kcals P F C Phos DM kCal Addiction ∞Some are unique protein diets - most cats have never been exposed to brushtail and buffalo. (Brushtail - small marsupial found in New Zealand.GameBrushtail & Vegetable Entrée444412542214196/6.5 oz AddictionGameBuffalo Meatloaf42517542710180 AddictionPoultryDuck Confit & Sweet Potatoes39529502811189 AddictionGameHunter's Venison Stew434611542414178 AddictionGameRabbit & Blueberries45459562312175 AddictionSeafoodSalmon & Potatoes39529502811212/6.5 oz AddictionPoultryTurkey, Cranberries, Apples47458562210172 AddictionSeafoodUnagi & Seaweed Entrée40529522811227/6.5 oz AddictionGameVenison & Apples454511562313211/6.5 oz ArtemisPoultryChicken266863203842101.67248 ArtemisSeafoodSeafood217183513243111.81248 ArtemisPoultryTurkey and Giblets32644409433661.94248 AuthorityBeefBeef316182494637111.28201 AuthoritySeafoodCatfish355872544833101.23189 AuthorityPoultryChicken36613238513541.17210/6 oz AuthorityKittenChicken & Lamb - Kitten3060102854235131.39233 AuthorityKittenChicken & Liver - Kitten35596262483391.26211 AuthorityPoultryChicken & Rice - Hairball365783624529101.59178 AuthorityLambLamb & Rice35605231513571.17185 AuthorityWeight controlLight Chicken & Rice3742212854521251.22161 AuthoritySeniorSenior Catfish & Rice37586297503381.43190 AuthorityPoultrySliced Chicken in Sauce45495284582671.28206 AuthoritySeafoodSliced Ocean Fish in Sauce4544113065422141.30186 AuthorityPoultryTurkey & Giblets345972224734101.09216 AuthoritySeafoodWhitefish355872544833101.23193 AvodermPoultryChicken316091964436120.98186 AvodermPoultryChicken & Duck/Gravy3546192164323240.9382/3 oz AvodermPoultryChicken Chunks/Gravy53398234621990.9666/3 oz AvodermWeight controlIndoor Weight Control3042272283621320.94151 AvodermSeafoodOcean Fish345882744833111.33182 AvodermSeafoodSalmon3556102444832141.18198 AvodermMixSalmon & Chicken/Gravy3844182304622220.9775/3 oz AvodermSeafoodSalmon/Consomme57450439692301.8682/ 3 oz AvodermSeafoodSardine/Shrimp/Crab/Gravy5627172625912180.9768/3 oz AvodermSeafoodSardines in Consomme61381380691811.5168/3 oz AvodermSeafoodSwordfsh/Consomme63361271751821.1462/3 oz AvodermMixTuna & Chicken w/Vegetables59402241701921.0081/3 oz AvodermSeafoodTuna & Prawns71340278791501.0871/3 oz AvodermSeafoodTuna/Crab/Gravy5329182576013201.0170/3 0z BFF (Best Feline Friends)SeafoodTuna & Bonito Be Mine68302240781420.9664/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)MixTuna & Chicken69292234761320.9065/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)MixTuna & Chicken Chuckles69292234801420.9765/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)SeafoodTuna & Pumpkin Valentine64315243751561.0063/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)SeafoodTuna & Salmon Soulmates66322236771530.9665/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)SeafoodTuna & Shrimp Sweethearts64332236771620.9765/3 oz BFF (Best Feline Friends)SeafoodTuna & Tilapia Twosome68302240791420.9864/3 oz California NaturalPoultryChicken & Brown Rice286492824038121.42182 California NaturalSeafoodFish & Brown Rice3256123074331161.45164 California NaturalSeafoodSalmon & Sweet Potato365773414731101.59203 California NaturalGameVenison & Brown Rice3552133644528161.63163 Drs. Foster & SmithPoultryChicken296482044239111.05200 Drs. Foster & SmithMixChicken & Fish3645192544423231.09181 Drs. Foster & SmithPoultryTurkey3357102504632131.20200 EukanubaKittenEntrée with Gourmet Chicken42571253512911.08113/3 oz EukanubaPoultryEntrée with Gourmet Chicken39601239493121.05177 EukanubaLambEntrée with Lamb & Rice385482304627100.97196 EukanubaSeafoodEntrée with Pacific Salmon37593241483141.08187 EvoPoultryTurkey/Chicken Cat/Kitten33643266473741.31200 EvoPoultry95% Chicken & Turkey25732155414940.88210 EvoBeef95% Beef29674234434261.24210 EvoGame95% Venison30656417423782.05218 EvoPoultry95% Duck26705251404471.35217 EvolvePoultryChicken326172144636101.07188 EvolveSeafoodSeafood31636265453791.33193 EvolvePoultryTurkey34606244483591.21189 Fancy Feast ∞Unfortunately, Purina lists the moisture, protein, fat, fiber, and ash as GA ('guaranteed analysis' minimums and maximums) with the same value for all products in a food 'family'. This leaves us with inaccurate values. However, I am including their products because they list different carb values for each 'family member' and list them under 'typical nutrient composition' so I am hoping that the values below for carbohydrate level are reasonably accurate. Note that the selections with 'gravy' or 'sauce' in the name are higher in carbohydrates than other selections. The values for phosphorus are based on GA moisture so are not completely accurate. They are probably fairly close to reality, or are listed higher than they actually are. All Fancy Feast cans are 3 oz.ChunkyChunky Chicken Feast51445637501852.2090 Fancy FeastChunkyChunky Chopped Grilled Feast50437454501871.6094 Fancy FeastChunkyChunky Turkey Feast50437624501872.2087 Fancy FeastClassicChicken Feast46514546502342.1091 Fancy FeastClassicChopped Grill Feast39574569452752.3091/3 oz Fancy FeastClassicCod/Sole/Shrimp Feast6927478755932.2083 Fancy FeastClassicOcean Whitefish & Tuna Feast6927482355932.3082 Fancy FeastClassicSalmon & Shrimp Feast51445550501851.9089 Fancy FeastClassicSavory Salmon Feast38611369523421.7797 Fancy FeastClassicSeafood Feast60373714551432.3087 Fancy FeastFlakedChicken & Tuna Feast57358434641691.70102/3 oz Fancy FeastFlakedFish & Shrimp Feast7921070180902.5089 Fancy FeastFlakedSalmon & Whitefish Feast60328458641481.70104 Fancy FeastFlakedTrout Feast55387395641881.60107 Fancy FeastFlakedTuna & Mackerel Feast573494056416101.6097 Fancy FeastFlakedTuna Feast593193976414101.50103 Fancy FeastGravy LoversBeef Feast/Roasted Beef Flavor Gravy5127223185011221.1066/3 oz Fancy FeastGravy LoversChicken Feast/Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy5228203285011191.1067 Fancy FeastGravy LoversOcean Whitefish & Tuna Feast/Sauteed Seafood Flavor Gravy5228213555011201.2065 Fancy FeastGravy LoversSalmon Feast/Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy5228203285011191.1065 Fancy FeastGrilledBeef & Liver Feast in Gravy572518325509161.0072 Fancy FeastGrilledBeef Feast in Gravy582517362509151.1072 Fancy FeastGrilledChicken & Beef Feast in Gravy582516366509141.1072 Fancy FeastGrilledChicken Feast in Gravy5532132876115141.1271/3 oz Fancy FeastGrilledLiver & Chicken Feast in Gravy582517395509151.2072 Fancy FeastGrilledSalmon & Shrimp Feast/Gravy5825173605510161.2070 Fancy FeastGrilledSalmon Feast in Gravy5825173305510161.1070 Fancy FeastGrilledSeafood Feast in Gravy5826163645510151.2071 Fancy FeastGrilledTuna Feast in Gravy5828142876212151.0768 Fancy FeastGrilledTurkey Feast in Gravy5825173605510161.2071 Fancy FeastGrilledWhitefish/Tuna Feast in Gravy582517362509151.1072 Fancy FeastKittenTender Ocean Whitefsh Feast53425689551852.5084 Fancy FeastKittenTender Turkey Feast41544474502752.0092 Fancy FeastMarinated MorselsBeef Feast in Gravy572518390509161.2082 Fancy FeastMarinated MorselsChicken Feast in Gravy572518423509161.3081 Fancy FeastMarinated MorselsSalmon Feast in Gravy562519418509171.3081 Fancy FeastMarinated MorselsTuna Feast in Gravy562420382509181.2075 Fancy FeastMarinated MorselsTurkey Feast in Gravy572518423509161.3082 Fancy FeastPoultryMinced Turkey Feast in Sauce572518390509161.2079 Fancy FeastPoultryTurkey and Giblets Feast39583355533331.6994 Fancy FeastRoastedChicken Feast612712419559101.2080 Fancy FeastRoastedTurkey Feast622711389991.1081 Fancy FeastSlicedBeef & Giblets Feast in Gravy542422467509201.5081 Fancy FeastSlicedBeef Feast in Gravy542423431509211.4081 Fancy FeastSlicedChicken Feast in Gravy562420445509181.4081 Fancy FeastSlicedChicken Hearts & Liver Feast/Gravy542423400509211.3084 Fancy FeastSlicedSalmon & Chicken in Gravy582517362509151.1081 Fancy FeastSlicedTurkey and Giblets Feast/Gravy572518358509161.1081 Fancy FeastSlicedTurkey Feast in Gravy572518390509161.2081 Fancy FeastTenderBeef & Chicken Feast40555502482762.1094 Fancy FeastTenderBeef & Liver Feast44515525482352.0094 Fancy FeastTenderBeef Feast51445637501852.2093 Fancy FeastTenderLiver & Chicken46514598502342.3080 Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys ∞See the comment for Purina products under the Fancy Feast section above. All products in this category are 3 oz in size.FlorentineChicken/Greens/Sauce5632123745914131.3871 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysFlorentineSalmon/Greens/Sauce5926153375510141.1073 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysFlorentineTuna/Greens/Sauce5826163645510151.2070 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysFlorentineTurkey/Greens/Sauce6026143415510131.1074 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysPrimaveraChickenPrimavera/Veggies/Gr eens/Sauce5426204415611211.6065 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysPrimaveraSalmon/Veg/Greens/Sauce5526193065611201.1066 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysPrimaveraTunaPrimavera/Veggies/Green s/Sauce5428182655712190.9864 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysPrimaveraTurkeyPrimavera/Veggies/Gre ens/Sauce5426203315611211.2067 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysShreddedChicken/Greens/Broth632215453649151.6084 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysShreddedSalmon/Greens/Broth632215340649151.2086 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysShreddedTuna/Greens/Broth632215340649151.2088 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysShreddedTurkey/Greens/Broth652212350649121.2088/3 oz Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysSouffleChicken/Cheddar Cheese/Greens462232289459321.0079 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysSouffleChicken/Egg/Greens532621640459181.9081 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysSouffleSalmon/Egg/Greens532621673459182.0079 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysTuscanyChicken/Rice/Greens/Sauce5225233715611251.4064 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysTuscanySalmon/Rice/Greens/Sauce5225232925611251.1065 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysTuscanyTuna/Rice/Greens/Sauce5124252865611271.1065 Fancy Feast Elegant MedleysTuscanyTurkey/Rice/Greens/Sauce5225222955611241.1067 FelidaeCat & Kitten326092024636131.04188 FelidaePoultryChicken & Rice2862102204238151.16188 FelidaePlatinum286391904440141.03172 FelidaePure Elements286292074339141.09154 FelidaeSeafoodPure Sea306281984639121.05149 Friskies ∞See the comment regarding Purina products under the Fancy Feast section above. Note that the selections below with 'gravy', 'sauce', or 'rice' in the name are higher in carbohydrates. The Classic Pate selections are the lowest in carbohydrates. All products are 5.5 oz.Classic PateChicken & Tuna Dinner in Sauce415093874523101.5187 FriskiesClassic PateCountry Style Dinner4050103324523111.3187 FriskiesClassic PateLiver & Chicken Dinner415093614523101.4171 FriskiesClassic PateMariner's Catch40536393532981.8169 FriskiesClassic PateMixed Grill4049113544523121.4171 FriskiesClassic PateOcean Whitefsh & Tuna Dinner49439417501891.5171 FriskiesClassic PatePoultry Platter415094384523101.7187 FriskiesClassic PateSalmon Dinner41517499452381.9185 FriskiesClassic PateSea Captain's Choice49439473501891.7171 FriskiesClassic PateSeafood Entrée49439445501891.6171 FriskiesClassic PateSupreme Supper41518416452391.6156 FriskiesClassic PateTurkey and Giblets Dinner41518338452391.3187 FriskiesFlakedTuna & Egg in Sauce573584155514101.4171 FriskiesFlakedTuna in Sauce573584125514101.4172 FriskiesGravy SensationsBeef & Chicken in Gravy5230184065513191.5138 FriskiesGravy SensationsChicken in Gravy5625193495510191.2138 FriskiesGravy SensationsOcean Whitefsh in Gravy5625194655510191.6135 FriskiesGravy SensationsSalmon in Gravy5330173835513181.4131 FriskiesGravy SensationsTuna in Gravy5625193495510191.2135 FriskiesGravy SensationsTurkey and Giblets in Gravy5330173835513181.4135 FriskiesMeaty BitsBeef in Gravy5328193325011181.1148 FriskiesMeaty BitsChicken Dinner in Gravy5429173705011161.2148 FriskiesMeaty BitsGourmet Grill5329183355011171.1148 FriskiesPrime FilletsChicken & Tuna in Gravy5725183845510181.3130 FriskiesPrime FilletsTurkey Dinner in Gravy5234143185716161.2132 FriskiesPrime FilletsWith Beef in Gravy5625194075510191.4134 FriskiesPrime FilletsWith Chicken in Gravy5725184015510171.4132 FriskiesPrime FilletsWith Salmon & Beef in Sauce5625193495510191.2134 FriskiesPrime FilletsWith Whitefish & Tuna in Sauce5725183865510171.3130 FriskiesSavory ShredsBeef in Gravy4342152975020171.2135 FriskiesSavory ShredsChicken in Gravy4442143245020161.3130 FriskiesSavory ShredsChicken/Salmon/Gravy Dinner4443133025020151.2132 FriskiesSavory ShredsOcean Whitefish/Tuna in Sauce4442142995020161.2133 FriskiesSavory ShredsSalmon in Sauce4443133025020151.2132 FriskiesSavory ShredsTurkey & Giblets/Gravy4342153465020171.4132 FriskiesSavory ShredsTurkey/Cheese/Gravy Dinner4442142995020161.2132 FriskiesSavory ShredsWhitefish/Sardines/Sauce4442143245020161.3134 FriskiesSelects IndoorChunky Chicken & Turkey Casserole/Brown Rice/Greens442432308419301.0144 FriskiesSelects IndoorClassic Chicken Entrée/Brown Rice/Greens3437294613214271.5145 FriskiesSelects IndoorHerbed Salmon/Rice/Greens3436314513214291.5144 FriskiesSelects IndoorOcean Whitefish Dinner/Rice/Greens402436273369320.9141 FriskiesSelects IndoorSeafood Bake/Rice/Greens442432308419301.0140 FriskiesSelects IndoorTurkey Dinner/Brown Rice/Greens402436230369330.7144 FriskiesSeniorChicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy4435213045017241.2146 FriskiesSeniorLamb & Rice in Gravy4435212645017241.1124 FriskiesSeniorSalmon Dinner in Sauce4542134265019141.7156 FriskiesSeniorTurkey & Giblets Dinner4341154145019181.7154 FriskiesSpecialBeef & Chicken Entrée35605242453261.1181 FriskiesSpecialBeef & Liver Entrée35605241453261.1181 FriskiesSpecialSliced Chicken in Gravy5035151665516160.6138 FriskiesSpecialTurkey & Giblets Dinner37585189453060.8166 FriskiesSpecialWhitefish Dinner37594351453051.5172 FriskiesSpecialWith Salmon38557228452781.0149 FriskiesTasty TreasuresChicken & Cheese in Gravy5524203315510201.2134 FriskiesTasty TreasuresChicken, Tuna & Cheese in Gravy5524213585510211.3131 FriskiesTasty TreasuresOceanfsh, Tuna & Cheese in Gravy5524203455510201.2129 FriskiesTasty TreasuresTurkey & Cheese in Gravy5524213585510211.3128 Go!PoultryChicken, Turkey, Duck34625309483671.5212 HaloMixChicken & Beef3355113044430151.40136 HaloMixChicken, Shrimp, Crab3652122384728151.0880/3 oz HaloPoultrySpot's Pate Chicken31664303433851.49196 HaloSeafoodSpot's Pate Whitefsh47485466562461.93154 HaloSeafoodSucculent Salmon266492273838131.14161 HaloPoultryWholesome Chicken3255132014229170.92136 HaloLambWholesome Lamb3355122364330151.08141 HaloPoultryWholesome Turkey3159102154333141.04150 Hi-TorFelo3950111955227140.90170 Hi-TorNeo246891333743130.72207 Holistic SelectMixChicken & Lamb286482224239111.15190 Holistic SelectPoultryDuck & Chicken2761122163836171.08196 Holistic SelectSeafoodOcean Fish & Tuna3157122274233171.10178 Holistic SelectSeafoodSalmon & Shrimp335982644734111.30189 Holistic SelectPoultryTurkey & Barley2761122103936171.05200 Hounds & GatosBeefBeef316092504537141.29194 Hounds & GatosPoultryChicken29692241454431.29202 Hounds & GatosMixLamb & Duck Liver33633244493851.25193 Hounds & GatosMixLamb/Chicken/Salmon30663225454151.17195 Hounds & GatosPorkPork296924032.17202 Hounds & GatosMixRabbit & Duck Liver39565402472861.71161 Hounds & GatosSeafoodSalmon42562373553021.71176 Hounds & GatosMixTrout & Duck Liver41554366553051.71176 IamsKitten PateGourmet Chicken3852102654928141.22112/3 oz IamsBeefAdult Pate w/ Beef3650152384627191.08176 IamsPoultryAdult Filets w/ Chicken in Gravy3650142754526181.22156 IamsPoultryAdult Pate w/ Chicken3550152414527191.08172 IamsPoultryAdult Pate w/ Chicken/Liver3551142404527191.0894/3 oz IamsPoultryAdult Pate w/ Turkey & Giblets3454122304630161.08194 IamsLambAdult Pate w/ Lamb & Rice3447192534325241.12182 IamsSeafoodAdult Cuts w/ Salmon3651142784526181.23163 IamsSeafoodAdult Cuts w/ Tuna3650142704626181.19159 IamsSeafoodAdult Pate w/ Ocean Fish3649142574626181.14180 IamsSeafoodAdult Pate w/ Pacific Salmon3748142574725181.14181 IamsSeafoodAdult Pate w/ Seafood Sampler3749142654725181.1793/3 oz InnovaCat & Kitten345882794633111.35201 InnovaWeight controlLower Fat Adult3744193994421231.67152 InnovaSeniorSenior3452142904427181.31191 MerrickCalifornia Roll3549162064325190.88163 MerrickCowboy Cookout52425202622160.84162 MerrickGrammy's Pot Pie504282375820100.97152 MerrickNew England Boil4446103885122111.57133 MerrickOcean Breeze42508420492491.71141 MerrickSouthern Delight40554328512951.44146 MerrickSurf N Turf49473229582340.95160 MerrickThanksgiving Day Dinner4048122024924140.86150 MerrickTurducken385292194927120.97163 MerrickBeefBG 96% Beef41581163573310.7976/3.2 oz MerrickMixBG 96% Quail & Chicken33662506494122.6479/3.2 oz MerrickPoultryBG 96% Chicken31672341444031.7389/3.2 oz MerrickPoultryBG 96% Turkey31672178484230.9585/3.2 oz MerrickSeafoodBG 96% Salmon29692439424232.2480/3.2 oz MerrickSeafoodBG 96% Tuna37612450503422.1382/3.2 oz Nature's Logic ∞Uses whole foods for nutrients as opposed to synthetic vitamins; currently involved in feeding trials; at this time, not labeled as complete diets.PoultryChicken37603366523541.8241 Nature's LogicMixDuck & Salmon29701213434311.1229 Nature's LogicGameRabbit28721234404311.2252 Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsChicken & Green Pea3156132274131181.08220/6 oz Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsDuck & Green Pea2857162523832221.22215 Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsSalmon & Green Pea3850123514625151.49200 Natural BalanceLimited Ingredient DietsVenison & Green Pea3751124024726151.76200 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesChicken & Chicken Liver3944173964621201.6370 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesChicken & Giblets3448183244224231.470/3 0z Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesChicken & Salmon3447193664224231.5770 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesCod/Chicken/Sole/Shrimp3846164024623191.770 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesMackerel & Sardine4141183424619211.3670 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesSalmon/Tuna/Chicken/Shrimp3844173444622211.4570 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesTurkey/Chicken/Duck3646174744323211.9970 Natural BalancePlatefulls PouchesTurkey/Salmon/Chicken3545203584222241.5170 Natural BalanceStewsCatatouille66304274741451.0845/3 oz Natural BalanceStewsLand 'n Sea54388331621891.3250 Natural BalanceStewsLife's A Beach59347591621572.1970 Natural BalanceStewsO'Fishally Scampi6535244721610.9445 Natural BalanceStewsPurrrfect Paella69301301771411.1755 Natural BalanceStewsSea Brulee66322297741521.1750 Natural BalanceUltraChicken & Liver Pate2958132774033181.34215 Natural BalanceUltralndoor Chicken3054162694030211.26215 Natural BalanceUltraOcean Fish4343143945222171.67200 Natural BalanceUltraOriginal3156132764231181.32200/6 oz Natural BalanceUltraReduced Calorie3053172783929221.27180 Natural BalanceUltraSalmon3651133684627171.64200 Natural BalanceUltraTuna with Shrimp4144143255123181.41175 Natural BalanceUltraTurkey & Giblets3452142804529191.32200 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeBeef29683248434241.31214 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeChicken31673302444041.53202 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeDuck29701191434421.01205 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeLamb28702262424231.36238 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeRabbit220 Nature's VarietyInstinct - grain-freeVenison356533048371.59222 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainBeef & Liver153 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainChicken & Tuna3652122554527151.12147 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainDuck & Chicken148 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainLamb & Liver165 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainSeafood3453133014327161.30135 Nature's VarietyPrairie - contains grainTurkey & Liver3549163434325201.48129 Newman's OwnMixBeef & Liver4139202785020251.20140/3 0z Newman's OwnPoultryChicken & Brown Rice3059102114335151.05185 Newman's OwnMixChicken/Salmon/Brown Rice3060102094336141.05185 Newman's OwnPoultryTurkey & Brown Rice286392064238131.06192 Newman's OwnPoultryTurkey/Vegetables/Brown Rice2861102014137151.02193 Nutro Natural Choice ∞Active Health = Adult; Mature Health = Senior, Healthy Growth = Kitten.NC Active HealthChicken & Liver Formula Chunks in Gravy425082225326110.9884/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Active HealthOcean Fish & Tuna Formula Chunks in Sauce385492724828111.2283/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Active HealthSalmon & Ocean Fish Formula Chunks in Sauce415182085226100.9183/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Active HealthTurkey & Giblets Formula Chunks In Gravy345792534631121.1986/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Healthy GrowthBeef & Chicken Formula3453133304428171.50100/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Healthy GrowthChicken & Lamb Formula3255132934331171.3991/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Healthy GrowthChicken & Liver Formula Chunks in Gravy4051102015127120.9084/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Healthy GrowthSalmon & Ocean Fish Formula Chunks in Sauce405282845127101.2684/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Healthy GrowthTuna & Chicken Formula3454123164429161.4599/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Active HealthChicken & Giblets Formula Chunks In Gravy4248101995024120.8374/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Active HealthChicken & Rice Formula3551142634426181.16167 Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Active HealthOcean Fish & Rice Formula3844193184421221.31160 Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Active HealthTurkey & Liver Formula Chunks In Gravy415091755025110.7585/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Active HealthWhitefish & Tuna Formula Chunks In Sauce474493045421101.2174/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Mature HealthChicken & Lamb Formula3646182944524231.30172 Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Mature HealthChicken & Turkey Formula Chunks in Gravy33616204483691.0373/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Mature HealthChicken & Turkey Platter4142172045021200.8773/3 oz Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Mature HealthChicken & Vegetables3552133004628171.38177 Nutro Natural ChoiceNC Indoor Mature HealthSalmon & Tuna Entrée3256122134432171.04194 Nutro Natural ChoiceWeight controlNC Weight Management Chicken & Liver Formula Chunks in Gravy4638163065218181.2270/3 oz Nutro Max CatKittenKitten Chicken & Liver3357103474532141.6797/3 oz Nutro Max CatKittenKitten Chicken & Ocean Fish3059113184133151.52103/3 oz Nutro Max CatKittenKitten Chicken & Ocean Fish3059113184133151.52103/3 oz Nutro Max CatWeight controlLite With Turkey & Chicken3443233004121271.25105 Nutro Max CatSeniorSenior Chicken & Lamb3340272963919321.22155 Nutro Max CatMixBeef & Egg3654101884830140.8884/3 oz Nutro Max CatMixChicken & Lamb2953182633829241.23185 Nutro Max CatPoultryChicken & Liver3254152984229191.38165 Nutro Max CatPoultryChicken Supreme365591734830120.8176/3 oz Nutro Max CatMixLamb & Turkey Cutlets3753102724829131.2481/3 oz Nutro Max CatSeafoodOcean Fish3054173683828221.66185 Nutro Max CatSeafoodSalmon Entrée4147122795124141.2076/3 oz Nutro Max CatSeafoodSeafood & Tomato Bisque4144152744922181.1569/3 oz Nutro Max CatPoultryTurkey & Chicken Liver375392134929120.9881/3 oz Nutro Max CatPoultryTurkey & Giblets3157122664232171.28174 Nutro Max CatPoultryWith Savory Duck385481975029100.9173/3 oz Nutro Max CatGameWith Savory Venison375482145030110.9979/3 oz OrganixPoultryTurkey & Spinach2459161313535230.65206 OrganixMixTurkey with Salmon2562131433737190.73225 OrganixMixTurkey with Seafood2557181393533250.68202 OrganixPoultryTurkey/Brown Rice/Chicken2561151313636210.66215 PinnacleMixChicken & Ocean Fish27685175414270.93196 PinnacleMixChicken & Tuna32635221453771.10183 PinnacleSeafoodOcean Fish32644231463761.14170 PrecisePoultryChicken306192054337121.04200 PreciseMixMixed Grill296472064339111.08207 PreciseSeafoodOcean Fish3849132604826171.16172 PreciseSeniorSenior3056142354131191.12184 PreciseSeafoodSimmered Seafare3949122635026151.17165 PrecisePoultryTurkey3159101984535151.00196 PreciseBeefFlaked Beef4043173034822201.28159 PrecisePoultryFlaked Chicken3650143354626171.49168 PrecisePorkFlaked Pork4243152595021191.09159 PreciseSeafoodFlaked Salmon/Tuna/Trout4146143365023171.44158 Pro PlanMixBeef & Chicken Entrée in Gravy5725173435510171.1573/3 oz Pro PlanBeefBeef, Carrots, Rice in Gravy5125243655611261.3968/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryChicken & Liver Entrée44534509502542.0598/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryChicken & Rice Entrée in Gravy5529162566013180.9870/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryChicken, Tomato, Pasta in Gravy5225223735611241.3969/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryChunky Chicken Entrée50445639501852.2389/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodSalmon & Rice Entree in Sauce5233152385515160.9372/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodSalmon & Rice Indoor Care5322253189251.1478/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodSalmon, Shrimp & Rice5326213485611221.2870/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodSole & Vegetable59281356111274/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodTrout & Pasta5426203525611211.2867/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodTuna Entrée in Sauce5927142906212151.0768/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodTuna, Shrimp & Rice5326213355611221.2265/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryTurkey & Giblets54369382501491.2380/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryTurkey & Pasta in Gravy5326223775611231.3971/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryTurkey & Rice in Gravy5625193495510191.2071/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryUrinary Tract Health Chicken in Gravy Entrée4840131385720150.5881/3 oz Pro PlanWeight controlWeight Management Turkey & Rice622512430559111.3278/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryWhite Meat Chicken & Vegetable5725193966111201.5065/3 oz Pro PlanSeafoodWhitefish & Salmon49492662502022.3691/3 oz Pro PlanPoultryChicken, Pasta, Spinach, in Gravy ∞Data not available. Pro PlanMixChicken, Tuna & Wild Rice ∞Data not available. Pro PlanSeafoodSeafood Stew ∞Data not available. Pro PlanPoultryTurkey & Cheddar Cheese in Gravy ∞Data not available. Pro PlanPoultryTurkey & Vegetable in Gravy ∞Data not available. Pro PlanKittenChicken & Liver43552436553031.9898/3 oz Pro PlanKittenSalmon & Ocean Fish46513462552641.9699/3 oz Pro PlanKittenWhitefish & Tuna48456522552172.0999/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsBeef & Brown Rice39538648412382.3699/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsChicken & Brown Rice37576428493282.0294/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsChicken & Brown Rice - Kitten36585380503381.8398/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsCod & Shrimp Entrée40545601412352.1493/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsSalmon & Brown Rice31654207464061.0899/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsTuna & Mackerel Entrée44488577411871.8690/3 oz Pro PlanSelectsTurkey & Wild Rice39538632412392.3293/3 oz Pro PlanSeniorChicken & Beef Entrée38558430452791.82 Pro PlanSeniorSalmon & Tuna Entrée39565442452761.82 Purina ONEBeefBeef in Gravy5725183125510171.0573/3 oz Purina ONEBeefBeef Pate45505530502352.0595/3 oz Purina ONEPoultryChicken in Gravy5532132756115141.0771/3 oz Purina ONEPoultryChicken Pate40582438523132.0093/3 oz Purina ONESeafoodTuna in Sauce5725173285510171.1069/3 oz Purina ONEPoultryTurkey in Gravy5826163475510161.1571/3 oz Purina ONEPoultryTurkey Pate46513469502331.7795/3 oz Purina ONESeafoodWhitefish Pate59392734501422.1887/3 oz Royal CaninKittenBabycat405182985026101.2977/3 oz Royal CaninKittenKitten4842102855720121.1877/3 oz Royal CaninAdult5432142616014151.0068/3 oz Royal CaninDigest Sensitive4436202515017231.0065/3 oz Royal CaninInstinctive 12 +4239201594919230.6575/3 oz Royal CaninInstinctive 7+5228202075612220.7866/3 oz Royal CaninIntense Beauty5036142295717160.9174/3 oz Royal CaninSpayed/Neutered5429172425612180.8863/3 oz Royal CaninWeight controlUltra-Light6129102966212101.0556/3 oz Science DietBeefBeef Entrée3145241723822280.72171 Science DietPoultryChicken Dinner3342251344121300.57156 Science DietPoultryChicken Entrée2851221603628290.74175 Science DietPoultryHairball Control Chicken Entrée3148211593623250.65168 Science DietSeafoodHairball Control Seafood Entrée3045251613521290.65165 Science DietPoultryIndoor Chicken Entrée3048211593623250.65168 Science DietSeafoodIndoor Seafood Entrée3248201713823230.70165 Science DietWeight controlLight Liver & Chicken Entrée3433331893614340.69138 Science DietMixLiver & Chicken Entrée3444221664222260.70167 Science DietSeafoodOcean Fish Dinner3541241444220280.60155 Science DietSeafoodSalmon Entrée2946241673624300.72163 Science DietSeafoodSeafood Entrée3346221783923260.75157 Science DietSeafoodTuna Dinner3739241514319290.62152 Science DietPoultryTurkey & Giblets Entrée2951201653727260.73178 Science DietPoultryTurkey Entrée2945261703523320.73162 Science DietCulinary CreationsChicken Dinner in Gravy3144251783922310.77156 Science DietCulinary CreationsOcean Fish Dinner in Sauce3642221604421270.68155 Science DietCulinary CreationsRoast Beef Dinner in Gravy3045251623723320.71143 Science DietCulinary CreationsTuna Dinner in Sauce3442241554221290.66155 Science DietKittenChicken Dinner3649151774625190.78155 Science DietKittenCulinary Creations Chicken Dinner in Gravy3451162524327201.13155 Science DietKittenCulinary Creations Roast Beef Dinner in Gravy3449172094426210.94153 Science DietKittenLiver & Chicken Entrée4047132204924160.95210 Science DietKittenSalmon Entrée3850122064926150.93191 Science DietKittenTurkey & Giblets3949122095025160.93205 Science DietMatureBeef Entrée3345221653922260.69162 Science DietMatureChicken Dinner/Gravy3342251344121300.57156 Science DietMatureChicken Entrée3246221603923270.69168 Science DietMatureTuna Dinner/Gravy3739241514319290.62155 Science DietMatureTurkey Entrée2941291553520350.64160 SoulisticCansAqua Grill4830221915514250.7775/3 oz SoulisticCansCelestial Feast47494250602651.1175/3 oz SoulisticCansDouble Happiness67284262731351.0066/3 oz SoulisticCansGood Karma631919180688200.6875/3 oz SoulisticCansHarvest Sunrise5225231735811260.6872/3 oz SoulisticCansNautical Nirvana63308228721490.9179/3 oz SoulisticCansPolynesian Picnic62353239711640.9668/3 oz SoulisticCansPure Bliss5230182066114200.8379/3 oz SoulisticCansShrimply Divine7220827075980.9964/3 oz SoulisticCansSurf 'N' Earth622992556913100.9975/3 oz SoulisticCansSweet Salutations5227211985913240.7972/3 oz SoulisticCansUpstream Dream65287234721370.9069/3 oz SoulisticPouchesAutumn Bounty5424221766011250.6962/3 oz SoulisticPouchesGood Karma6022192086510210.8060/3 0z SoulisticPouchesIsland Illusion4928232275413250.8863/3 oz SoulisticPouchesLuna Tuna5433132376416150.9767/3 oz SoulisticPouchesMidnight Delight5228202255713220.8765/3 oz SoulisticPouchesTriple Harmony5427192176012200.8361/3 oz TikiPoultryKoolina Luau (Chicken)86144218861.52136 TikiPoultryPuka Puka Luau (Chicken)732730382121.19182/6 oz TikiSeafoodBora Bora Luau68302642711322.33126 TikiSeafoodHana Luau65341276761711.14177 TikiSeafoodHanalei Luau762435483111.35150 TikiSeafoodHawaiian Grill693130078151.20172 TikiSeafoodLanai Luau70292348771321.35153 TikiSeafoodMakaha Luau64351723671512.68129 TikiSeafoodManana Grill643528376171.17187 TikiSeafoodPapeeko Luau79213928591.48162 TikiSeafoodTahitian Grill504944363261.95179 TikiMixHookena Luau (Fish & Chicken)70291337801311.33168 TikiMixNapili Luau (Fish & Chicken)81194198681.55155 TikiSeafoodHonolulu Luau (Fish & Rice)5430162656214181.06151 TikiSeafoodMolokai Luau (Fish & Rice)5524202276111220.87136 TikiSeafoodWaikiki Luau (Fish & Rice)5530153036214171.21150 TikiSeafoodWaimea Luau (Fish & Rice)5231172475915200.99146 Trader Joe'sPoultryChicken/Turkey/Rice3157122144433181.07182 Trader Joe'sSeafoodOcean Fish/Salmon/Rice3356112404632151.16176 Trader Joe'sSeafoodTuna51.61 Trader Joe'sPoultryTurkey & Giblets325992354534131.16180 TriumphKittenSeafood - Kitten (or adult)365493454729121.58185 TriumphKittenTurkey - Kitten (or adult)3653112954729151.36182 TriumphBeefBeef2763101864038140.96220 TriumphPoultryChicken & Liver2862101914138140.98215 TriumphSeafoodOcean Fish3850122794927151.27166 TriumphSeafoodSalmon3255142634331191.25193 TriumphSeafoodTrout3256122434431161.16186 TriumphPoultryTurkey276762134142101.14223 UltramixPoultryChicken3544213094122251.29149 UltramixPoultryChicken - Indoor3349182714125231.19160 UltramixSeafoodSalmon3251172974126221.32161 UltramixPoultryTurkey3447192864224231.24156 WellnessContains riceChicken & Lobster2961112644036151.31196 WellnessContains riceSalmon & Trout276582484039111.28208 WellnessContains riceSardine, Shrimp & Crab3450162934426201.30163 WellnessCORE - grain-freeBeef, Venison, & Lamb34615171483670.85210 WellnessCORE - grain-freeChicken/Turkey/Chicken Liver326082154636111.08218 WellnessCORE - grain-freeIndoor4444123485221141.43148 WellnessCORE - grain-freeKitten36586255503381.23195 WellnessCORE - grain-freeSalmon/Whitefish/Herring3750132694726171.20192 WellnessCORE - grain-freeTurkey & Duck38575265523281.28188 WellnessCubedChicken335793274431131.5187/3 oz WellnessCubedSalmon3853104254727121.8681 WellnessCubedTuna5234143545715161.3785 WellnessCubedTurkey3553123344528151.4983 WellnessCubedTurkey & Salmon3653123474528151.5583 WellnessGrain-free ∞look for the yellow triangle stating 'Grain Free'Kitten28675216434271.15223 WellnessGrain-freeBeef & Chicken31654226463961.17194 WellnessGrain-freeBeef & Salmon30646207443991.06196 WellnessGrain-freeChicken30664219454161.15220 WellnessGrain-freeChicken & Herring34606303483481.48189 WellnessGrain-freeTurkey31654200464061.04218 WellnessGrain-freeTurkey & Salmon37585299503371.44182 WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesChicken & Chicken Liver3354133144329161.4379/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesCrab & Herring385392064828120.9270/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesDuck with Shrimp3653111654729150.7672/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesSalmon & Chicken3949122914724151.2467/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesSalmon & Tuna3653113174628141.4376/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesTuna4838142595518161.0466/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesTurkey & Chicken3354132784429171.2780/pouch WellnessHealthy Indulgence pouchesTurkey & Duck375491874930120.8673/pouch WellnessMincedChicken3258103184332131.4888/3 oz WellnessMincedSalmon365594244529111.8782 WellnessMincedTuna5235143605616151.3773 WellnessMincedTurkey3651133724426161.6383 WellnessMincedTurkey & Salmon3652133734527161.6384 WellnessSlicedChicken3258103274332131.5287/3 oz WellnessSlicedSalmon3852104284727121.8781 WellnessSlicedTurkey3552133754427161.6583 WellnessSlicedTurkey & Salmon3552123764427161.6683 WeruvaChicken and BeefFunky Chunky5229192016014230.82101 WeruvaChicken and BeefGrandma's Chicken Soup5326211936112240.7797 WeruvaChicken and BeefGreen Eggs & Chicken563592306818110.97102 WeruvaChicken and BeefNine Liver593392007016100.84101 WeruvaChicken and BeefOn The Cat Wok53434163692350.74115 WeruvaChicken and BeefPaw Lickin' Chicken65323196771640.82103 WeruvaChicken and BeefPeking Ducken622991957214110.7996 WeruvaChicken and BeefSteak Frites45495118622870.57132 WeruvaSeafoodAsian Fusion62371295731811.22111 WeruvaSeafoodMack and Jack7822033784901.2693 WeruvaSeafoodMarbella Paella62371253731811.05111 WeruvaSeafoodMediterranean Harvest WeruvaSeafoodMeow Luau64333253751641.04105 WeruvaSeafoodMideast Feast61327202701580.81116 WeruvaSeafoodOutback Grill62371562681712.1589 WeruvaSeafoodPolynesian BBQ64306390811671.57141 WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansChicken Frick 'A Zee51472174672630.8178/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansFowl Ball41554180573200.8981/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansFunk in the Trunk63298250721490.9951/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansGoldie Lox66304252751451.0154/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansKitty Gone Wild60355412681651.6253/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansLa Isla Bonita51463166672550.7787/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansLamb Burger-ini454782365825101.0577/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansSplash Dance50464292342461.3078/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansThe Double Dip484582486123101.1066/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - cansTu Two Tango57385343681961.4358/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouches1 If By Land, Two If By Sea5529162006314190.0860/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouchesChick Magnet483616157591800.6770/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouchesLove Me Tender5627172056413200.8262/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouchesMack Jack and Sam5329182126114210.8560/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouchesPumpkin Jack Splash671914258728140.9653/3.2 oz WeruvaCats in the Kitchen - pouchesPumpkin Lickin' Chicken6325121957112140.7761/3.2 oz ZiwipeakLambLamb32662224484131.18220/6 oz ZiwipeakMixLamb & Rabbit36621280513621.39207 ZiwipeakGameVenison39592338543321.63197 ZiwipeakMixVenison & Fish435926058331.25198
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Alternative and prescription foods

Pasteurization is done by hydrostatic high pressure, aka high pressure processing (HPP), or with heat.

Freeze dried/Dehydrated foods: ADD WATER!
Never feed a water-depleted diet. See Opie's pictures at's Urinary Tract Health page - for a good look at the tremendous suffering often caused by feeding water-depleted diets to cats. Cats do not drink enough water from their water bowl to make up for the deficit in water intake when fed dry foods. Cats do not have a high thirst drive. Many veterinarians have reported a significant decrease in urinary tract cases when dry food is removed from the diet and water-rich diets are fed instead.

The non-raw, non-veterinarian-prescibed products below are not as heavily processed as canned foods. See comments regarding raw diets and making cat food below the following chart, list items #10 & #11 (page 26 in the PDF version of this page).

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Type Brand Flavor P F C mg Phos/
100 kcals P F C Phos DM kCals Frozen - PasteurizedCountry Pet ∞Heated to 176 degrees F for 10 minutes then blast frozen.Lamb & Chicken - cat food (with added taurine)346832848391.5945/oz Frozen - PasteurizedCountry Pet ∞Heated to 176 degrees F for 10 minutes then blast frozen.Chicken - dog food ∞I am including the dog food which has the same level of supplementation as the cat food except that extra taurine is not added. However, taurine is present in meat and organs in large amounts so the dog food may be sufficient since this product is 100% meat/organs (versus grains and vegetables) and is not heavily processed. That said, if feeding the dog food as a substantial part of a cat's diet (>50%), add ~100 - 150 mg/day of taurine which is easy to source.416237550311.6037/oz Frozen - PasteurizedCountry Pet ∞Heated to 176 degrees F for 10 minutes then blast frozen.Lamb - dog food ∞I am including the dog food which has the same level of supplementation as the cat food except that extra taurine is not added. However, taurine is present in meat and organs in large amounts so the dog food may be sufficient since this product is 100% meat/organs (versus grains and vegetables) and is not heavily processed. That said, if feeding the dog food as a substantial part of a cat's diet (>50%), add ~100 - 150 mg/day of taurine which is easy to source.25714331354061.6155/oz Frozen - PasteurizedFreshpet ∞This food is very expensive on a calorie basis. One reason is that it is very high in water at ~84%. Note that it only has 80 calories per 5.5 ounces whereas other foods have 2 - 2.5 X more calories. Most cats require at least 180 - 225 calories per day. Therefore, you will need to feed a lot of this food to meet your cat's caloric needs.Cup - Chicken & Shrimp4736181415317200.5780/5.5oz Frozen - PasteurizedFreshpetCup - Turkey & Liver4332251374915280.5480/5.5oz Frozen - PasteurizedFreshpetCup - Whitefish & Salmon4632221425215240.5580/5.5oz Frozen - PasteurizedFreshpet ∞Contains 60% water. This is lower than the average canned food at 78% but much higher than dry kibble at 7-10%. Keep in mind that high dietary water promotes urinary tract health.Vital Meal (semi-moist) Chicken, fish, egg40564234533151.10218/cup Frozen - PasteurizedFreshpet ∞Contains 60% water. This is lower than the average canned food at 78% but much higher than dry kibble at 7-10%. Keep in mind that high dietary water promotes urinary tract health.Roasted Meal - (semi-moist) Chicken w/carrots, spinach375492294929121.05213/cup Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Heat PasteurizedAddictionBrushtail & Berries Entrée34353137163497/oz dry Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Heat PasteurizedPrimal ∞The Primal chicken diet is pasteurized with HPP/the beef diet is not; every batch is cultured for salmonella and e.coli prior to shipment.Chicken & Salmon42571250553111.15157/oz dry Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Heat PasteurizedNature's Variety ∞Pasteurized with HPP; not complete and balanced - for intermittent/ supplemental feeding only.Beef Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Heat PasteurizedNature's VarietyChicken Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Heat PasteurizedNature's VarietyLamb Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedHonest Kitchen ∞Steamed to 140 - 165 degrees F before dehydrating; all raw ingredients are tested for salmonella and e.coli; all batches are tested for salmonella, e.coli, and listeria post-processing/ prior to shipment.Grace2961102354035151.15629/dry cup Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedHonest KitchenProwl2654201783530260.84576/dry cup Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedPrimalBeef & Salmon406035054331.64161/oz dry Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedZiwipeak ∞Testing for pathogens is performed weekly.Lamb286482684845111.59139/scoop Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedZiwipeakVenison306193484941121.98133/scoop Freeze Dried/Dehydrated - Not pasteurizedZiwipeakVenison & Fish325993065139121.71131/scoop Raw - PasteurizedNature's Variety ∞Pasteurized by hydrostatic high pressure, aka high pressure processing.Beef26705121384270.6265/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyBison ∞not a complete diet - for supplemental feeding only (low in taurine but can add on your own ~150 mg/day)27694513404162.6265/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyChicken25741116394810.6465/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyDuck32662494443732.3665/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyLamb23761152364920.8465/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyOrganic Chicken277312942460.6965/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyRabbit29701339434411.7965/oz Raw - PasteurizedNature's VarietyVenison327115144400.7265/oz Raw - PasteurizedPrimal Frozen Formulas ∞The poultry diets are pasteurized with HPP/the other diets are not. Every batch is cultured for salmonella and e.coli prior to shipment.Chicken & Salmon34642367483731.8147/oz Raw - PasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasPheasant386222747310.9747/oz Raw - PasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasQuail43534261532751.1344/oz Raw - PasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasTurkey426123156331.0745/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasBeef & Salmon36586241483281.1353/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasRabbit60383639611632.2939/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedPrimal Frozen FormulasVenison46486338532371.3745/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedBravo Balance Blends ∞Chicken: chicken, chicken frames; Turkey: necks; Beef: beef and beef bones; high phosphorus infers high bone content.Chicken36631416493622.0031/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedBravo Balance BlendsTurkey38592552513232.5635/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedBravo Balance BlendsBeef57376371681871.5434/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedDarwin's ∞Source: all necks - very high bone content.Turkey454788195825113.7344/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedFeline's Pride ∞Chicken source: thighs (lower bone content); Turkey, Duck, CH, Rabbit: whole carcass - much better than backs, necks, or frames - however, note the high phosphorus content for the rabbit.Chicken38611200553721.0332/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedFeline's PrideCornish Hen415922559351.1331/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedFeline's PrideDuck29692273464531.5042/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedFeline's PrideRabbit68311928691313.2921/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedFeline's PrideTurkey514928667261.3026/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedNature's LogicBeef22771135385410.80245/patty Raw - Not pasteurizedNature's LogicChicken29683288383641.30245/patty Raw - Not pasteurizedNature's LogicRabbit28721234404311.20245/patty Raw - Not pasteurizedRad Cat ∞Every batch is cultured for salmonella and e.coli and held for a negative result prior to shipping. Boneless, skinless thigh and leg meat is used for the poultry diets. Other boneless cuts (e.g. shoulder) are used for the lamb diet. Bonemeal is used for balance. Meat and organs are sourced from a single-species for each variety but chicken yolks are used for all three products.Chicken525030266271.3538/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedRad Cat ∞Every batch is cultured for salmonella and e.coli and held for a negative result prior to shipping. Boneless, skinless thigh and leg meat is used for the poultry diets. Other boneless cuts (e.g. shoulder) are used for the lamb diet. Bonemeal is used for balance. Meat and organs are sourced from a single-species for each variety but chicken yolks are used for all three products.Lamb27712140444740.7952/oz Raw - Not pasteurizedRad Cat ∞Every batch is cultured for salmonella and e.coli and held for a negative result prior to shipping. Boneless, skinless thigh and leg meat is used for the poultry diets. Other boneless cuts (e.g. shoulder) are used for the lamb diet. Bonemeal is used for balance. Meat and organs are sourced from a single-species for each variety but chicken yolks are used for all three products.Turkey55423311662131.332/oz Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sa/d3355122144430151.00180 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sc/d w/Chicken3642221604421270.68163 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sc/d w/Seafood3838241734518280.71147 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sd/d - Duck2954171633829220.75189 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sd/d - Venison2856161583730210.73197 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sg/d2939321243420390.52165 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'si/d3047231963824290.86161 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sj/d3138311893819370.79152 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sk/d225027842927350.38183 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sl/d2545301543223380.68183 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sm/d4641141715319160.69156 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sr/d412534197389310.63114 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'ss/d2958131154033180.56215 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'st/d (DRY kibble)3139302043518340.80265/cup Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sw/d3738251834017260.68127 Veterinarian-PrescribedHill'sz/d2837341543418410.64169 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsIntestinal Plus3727362473912380.92169 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsMaximum Calorie Plus296291594137140.80333 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsRenal Plus2645281343323350.58199 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsSkin & Coat Plus3353142174329181.00185/6 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsUrinary-O Plus3156131544231180.72191 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsUrinary-S Plus3350171674227230.76191 Veterinarian-PrescribedIamsWeight Loss/Mobility Plus4034252244616290.90172 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaDH - DRY (kibble)3732314004014331.5270/cup Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaDM39583263533351.27191/5.5 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaDM Savory Selects5139102466119121.03171 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaEN3552132854628171.3179 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaNF2748251093525320.49193 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaOM4335222684715231.01128 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaOM Savory Selects5139103235617111.22124 Veterinarian-PrescribedPurinaUR385582075130100.97179 Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninCalorie Control 5.8 oz Pate5530142801.0392/5.8 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninCalorie Control 3 oz Morsels in Gravy5025252400.9949/3 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninCalorie Control - High Fiber3240291600.74141/6 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninDD - DRY2933382000.82287/cup Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninGastrointestinal High Energy3249202601.39189/5.8 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninGastrointestinal Moderate Calorie3832302801.3664/3 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninHypoallergenic Selected Protein Duck3251171700.92196/5.9 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninHypoallergenic Selected Protein Rabbit3549163101.64173/5.9 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninHypoallergenic Selected Protein Venison3144252801.52161/5.6 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninRecovery RS385672501.32183/5.8 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninRenal LP Modified 6 oz Pate216614800.47219/6 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninRenal LP Modified 2.5 oz Morsels in Gravy215821800.4884/2.5 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninUrinary SO 5.8 oz Pate3247211700.81142/ 5.8 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninUrinary SO 3 oz Morsels in Gravy3346221700.8476/3 oz Veterinarian-PrescribedRoyal CaninUrinary SO Moderate Calorie4134251900.8460/3 oz

General nutrition/Label reading/Data analysis

  1. Cats are obligate carnivores and are metabolically designed to consume diets with the following general composition:
    1. animal (not plant)-based protein (>50% calories),
    2. moderate fat (~20-45% calories),
    3. very low carbohydrate (1-2% calories),
    4. water-rich (~70%).
    Keep this in mind when choosing food for cats but also understand that pet food ingredients are profit margin-driven. Animal protein is more expensive than plant protein, fat, and carbohydrate sources (grains, potatoes, and vegetables). Therefore, there are not many diets on the market that mimic the above composition - except for the favorable water content found in all canned, not dry, foods.
  2. You will notice that many commercial diets are high in fat and/or carbohydrate. High-fat meat trimmings from the human market, not lean muscle meat, are what make their way into the pet food chain, and grains are less expensive than meat. However, keep in mind that the feline species is designed to process fat better than carbohydrate and the vast majority of cats do very well on the higher fat diets. For more information on the diet that obligate carnivores are designed to eat, see Dr. Zoran's article entitled "The Carnivore Connection to Nutrition in Cats" at
  3. Biological Value: Animal-based protein has a much higher biological value when compared to plant-based protein. Grains supply both protein and carbohydrate. Therefore, high carb diets often have much of their protein coming from plants. Consider not only the *amount* of protein in a diet but also the *source* of the protein. Diets using whole grains or glutens (gluten = plant-based protein) have a portion of their protein coming from low biological value sources. See for a discussion on biological value as it pertains to obligate carnivores.
  4. To expand on #2: How do we know how much of the protein is coming from animals versus plants when an ingredient list includes both animal and plant (grains/potatoes/vegetables) protein sources? The answer is, we don't know but we need to be aware of the 'ingredient splitting' issue. Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight. Consider this ingredient list: "Chicken, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, wheat gluten." Consumers often focus on the fact that "chicken" is the first ingredient but when the grain fractions are added together, their contribution to the diet is greater than the meat. Meat is also higher in water than grains making it less protein-dense. This compounds the problem of grains contributing more to the protein level than the animal sources. This type of ingredient list does not represent an optimal carnivore diet. Meat 'meals' are a more concentrated source of protein but they are also very heavily processed which results in nutrient loss.
  5. Cats have a low thirst drive and are designed to get their water needs met by their prey or food bowl. Canned food (vs dry kibble) promotes urinary tract health and optimal systemic hydration which is especially critical for cats with kidney insufficiency. See Opie's pictures at's Urinary Tract Health page - for a look at the suffering that water-depleted diets very often contribute to. Please do not fall into the trap that so many people do by engaging in wishful thinking and assuming that your cat makes up the water deficit at the water bowl. Many studies have shown that when all water sources are considered (food and water bowl), cats eating dry food - even the "good drinkers" - consume ~50% the amount of water that a cat on canned food consumes. This is in spite of the fact that cats on water-rich diets rarely go to the water bowl.
  6. "Grain-free" does not necessarily mean "low-carb". Potatoes and peas are often used in "grain-free" products which *may* result in a high carbohydrate diet. This is why it is important to consider the composition (% calories from protein/fat/carbohydrate) and not just the ingredient list. The ingredient list does not tell you how much potato, rice, vegetable matter etc., is in a product. If the diet is low in carbohydrates, there can't be much of those ingredients in the product. Note that "gravy" foods tend to be high in carbohydrates.
  7. I do not favor feeding fish-based diets for several reasons:
    1. high allergy potential
    2. toxins/mercury levels
    3. PBDE levels (fre retardant chemicals with thyroid-disrupting properties)
    4. often high in phosphorus and magnesium
    5. significant addiction issues - the cat will not eat anything else.
  8. Pouches are typically high in water and tend to be expensive on a $$/calorie basis. I suggest looking for products with a maximum water content of 78%, versus 82% or 85%.
  9. 100% of a diet's calories come from protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Therefore: % protein calories + % fat calories + % carbohydrate calories = 100% This means that if, for example, a diet is appropriately low in carbohydrates, the diet will be higher in protein, fat, or both. It is like a three-way teeter totter - if one fraction goes up or down, one, or both, of the other two must increase or decrease accordingly.
  10. Raw diets: As is true of canned foods, not all raw diets are created equal. The two main issues to consider are:
    1. the bone content, and
    2. the steps taken to mitigate the risk of pathogens (e.g., pasteurization/culturing). The phosphorus content is a rough indication of how much bone is in the diet. When necks and backs are used, the diet will have a very high bone content which will result in excess mineral consumption as well as increase the chance of constipation.
  11. If you are interested in making your own cat food, see the Making Cat Food page at for a detailed discussion regarding safe preparation and sourcing, along with a recipe that I have been feeding to my own cats for 10 years. The peace of mind that comes with control over ingredients, composition (including the bone amount and how finely it is ground), and safety issues is priceless.
  12. There are two ways to generate the data contained in this chart:
    1. values are obtained from a nutrient database or
    2. the food is submitted for laboratory analysis post-processing.
    Method #2 is superior to #1. The vast majority of companies employ method #2. If specific details are required, please contact the company.

Companies contacted but not included

Companies vary greatly in their willingness to provide basic 'typical nutrient analysis' data. Many companies provided data promptly or they post the data on their website (gold stars to them) but it was necessary to call and email a number of companies many times before receiving any information.

(Video) How to Transition Your Cats to a Different Diet

The following three companies refuse to provide 'typical nutrient analysis' data, stating that it is "proprietary" information. By taking this stance, they are stating that consumers do not have the right to know the nutrient composition of the diets they are purchasing for their pets. It is up to the consumer to decide whether to support these companies with their purchasing dollars or to choose another company's products. Note that the information requested for inclusion on this list is not excessive and is freely stated on many pet food company websites. It is basic nutritional information that all pet food manufacturers should make readily available.

Blue Buffalo
A customer service representative provided carbohydrate values over the phone. Note that, despite being "grain free", all of the canned foods are high in carbohydrates, including the 'Wilderness Wild Delights'. The only diets that appear to be low in carbohydrates are the 'Wilderness' pate varieties - Kitten, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and Duck. However, I will not use or recommend products from any company that refuses to provide 'typical nutrient analysis' data for their diets.
By Nature
By Nature refused to provide any useful data.
Stella & Chewy's
This company required that I sign a confidentiality agreement before they would provide 'typical nutrient analysis' data for their macronutrients (moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash). This would obviously defeat the purpose of gathering data for this chart and exhibits a lack of transparency.
Mars - Whiskas/ Sheba, and
both refused to provide 'typical nutrient analysis' data for inclusion on this chart. You will need to call and ask for "typical nutrient analysis", not "guaranteed analysis" or choose another product from the list above.

Missing data

Still waiting for data as of 10-4-12:

Need phosphorus data
Fresh Pet
Need all data
Nature's Variety
Need freeze-dried data; need data on several canned foods

Author's note

This chart required hundreds of hours of phone calls, emails, and data entry to compile. Obtaining data from some pet food companies was extremely time-consuming, and speedy data entry is not my forte. Although I tried to be very careful with data entry, mistakes may have occurred. If a value does not look correct, contact me at [emailprotected] If you do not receive a response, contact the manufacturer for verifcation.

Many thanks to Janet & Binky for their pioneering work in supplying nutrient data for cat owners. Their food chart has helped us choose suitable feline diets for many years. (I think that Binky would be pleased to pass the baton to Robbie.)



What is the healthiest thing to feed your cat? ›

Small pieces of cooked meat or fish make wonderful treats for cats,” says Dr. Coates. Other yummy treats include cooked egg, cantaloupe, and mashed sweet potato. Conversely, there's a long list of human foods your cat cannot eat, including chocolate and grapes.

How do I calculate cat food portions? ›

Rule-of-Thumb Cat Calorie Calculator

A rule-of-thumb for calorie requirements for a normal adult cat is 20 to 33 calories per pound depending on their energy level. A 10-pound indoor cat should eat about 200 calories and an outdoor active cat can eat about 330 calories per day.

How much should I feed my cat chart? ›

Cat Dry Food Feeding Chart
0-5 lbs15-20 lbs
Kittensless than 1 oz per dayup to 3 oz per day
Cat (Adult, Lean)up to 1 oz per dayup to 4 oz per day
Cat (Adult, Heavy)up to 1 oz per dayup to 4 oz per day
11 May 2021

What is considered a low phosphorus cat food? ›

Consider introducing your cat to low-phosphorus, fresh dietary foods like watermelon, apples, bananas, green beans, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and blueberries. Avoid high dietary portions of cereal grains or animal products known to include a higher ratio of phosphorus, such as rawhides, jerky treats, and real bones.

Is canned tuna good for cats? ›

So, can cats eat tuna? Tuna is not nutritionally balanced and should not be fed as a large part of your cat's meal plan. Even giving canned tuna as a treat can lead to health issues, especially if it is given in large amounts or frequently.

How much food does a cat need per day? ›

Most cats need 4-5 ounces of canned food per day, total. Pate-style varieties tend to be higher in calories per can than the varieties that more resemble people food with chunks and gravies- this can be useful when trying to fine-tune the number of calories per day being consumed.

How much dry food and wet food should I feed my cat? ›

Dry & Wet Food: Feed 1/6 cup of dry food twice a day and 1/3 of a 6 ounce can of wet food once a day OR 1/2 of a 3.5 ounce can of wet food. Dry Food Only: Feed 1/6 cup of dry food three times a day.

How many cups should I feed my cat? ›

If the cat owner is feeding a good quality dry food, that has a good quality protein, then the indoor cat needs only approximately 1/3 to 1/2 cup of food each day. Most high quality foods have approximately 500 calories per 8 ounce cup of food. The major protein source of the food is very important.

Is it OK to give cats wet food everyday? ›


Feeding your cat wet food every day in addition to dry food ensures that your cat receives plenty of fluids. This is because fresh animal-based food naturally contains lots of water, which is also a key part of the jelly that binds the pieces together.

How much and how often should I feed my cat? ›

Cats should eat at least two meals each day, about 12 hours apart. But a breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, and right before bed schedule is an equally great option. If more than 12 hours elapses between meals, the stomach can become hyperacidic causing nausea.

Is it OK to feed cats once a day? ›

While kittens should be fed up to three times a day, once a cat becomes an adult (at about one year of age) feeding once or twice a day is just fine, says the Cornell Feline Health Center. In fact, feeding just once a day should be acceptable for the majority of cats.

What is the best food to feed a cat with kidney problems? ›

Examples include Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® (both early and late state diets exist), Royal Canin® Renal Support, Purina® ProPlan® Veterinary Diet NF Kidney Function®, and Rayne Clinical Nutrition™ Adult Health-RSS™.

What meat is best for cats with kidney disease? ›

As obligate carnivores, cats need species-appropriate proteins that are easily digestible. Proteins such as turkey and chicken are a safe choice for cats with kidney diseases.

What smells do cats like? ›

If you want some cat-friendly air fresheners, there are certain smells that cats love. “Cats love the smell of catnip, olives, non-citrus fruit for the most part and plants like honeysuckle,” Dr. Evans said. A lot of cats like the scent of valerian root, “which induces a similar euphoria to catnip,” Hudson said.

What is a cat's favorite meal? ›

The cat's favorite food

Cats love pork, chicken and beef. Beef is the only type of meat that can be given to a cat raw, as long as it is fresh. As well as meat, there are also other foods that your kitten likes to eat, perfect for making him happy on Christmas Day. Salmon and tuna are among the cat's favorite fish.

What human food can cats eat? ›

Whole grains such as oats, corn, brown rice and even couscous all contain lots of protein and are all human foods your cat can eat.

Can cats have cheese? ›

Cheese is not a natural part of a cat's diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they can only get necessary nutrients from meat. But even though cheese is also high in protein, it can upset a cat's delicate digestive system. The reason for this is that cats don't tolerate dairy very well.

Can cats have ice cream? ›

Most cats are lactose intolerant

This means that consuming lactose—which milk and most kinds of ice cream contain—can lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting in cats. Furthermore, with its typical sugar, fat, and dairy content, ice cream can contribute to obesity in cats.

What can I feed my cat instead of cat food? ›

Many cats enjoy cooked grains with a smaller texture, like couscous, polenta and millet. Vegetables – Small amounts of finely cut, microwaved, steamed or boiled carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, pumpkin, squash and spinach are all okay to feed your cat on occasion.

What human food can I feed a cat? ›

12 human foods that are safe for your cat to eat
  • Fish. While you don't want your kitty eating from the aquarium, feeding him oily fish such as tuna or mackerel can help his eyesight, joints and brain.
  • Meat. Poutry, beef and other meat is a natural option for your little carnivore. ...
  • Cheese. ...
  • Bananas. ...
  • Berries. ...
  • Melon. ...
  • Carrots. ...
  • Rice.
17 Oct 2017

What kind of human food can cats eat? ›

Cooked, lean meats such as beef, chicken, turkey, liver and lamb are all ok for you cat to eat. However, it's important that you take great care when serving to make sure the meat's cooked through – never give cats raw meat – and remove all skin and bones before feeding your cat.


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