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Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (1)Kunning Druegger says:

2022-08-10 at 01:47

Starting a new thread for clarity’s sake. I think we should do a Square 0 case study of Governor Desantis. We all have opinions on the man, and the situation ongoing is in a state of flux. Keeping my failures in front of me, we dropped the ball on Pence, but that’s mail in ballots under the folding table at this point, so I think we should build up a profile of the man from OSINT or any other data we can collect.

Here’s the wikipedia info:

“DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, the son of Karen (née Rogers) and Ronald Daniel DeSantis.[1] He is of Italian descent, with all of his great-grandparents born in Italy.[2] His maternal great-great-grandfather Salvatore Storti immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1904, eventually settling in Pennsylvania. His great-great-grandmother Luigia Colucci joined her husband in the United States in 1917.[3] DeSantis’s mother was a nurse and his father installed Nielsen TV rating boxes.[4] His family moved to Orlando, Florida, before relocating to Dunedin, Florida, when he was six years old.[5] His sister Christina Marie DeSantis was born on May 5, 1985, in Orlando and died in 2015.[6] He was a member of the Little League team from Dunedin National that made it to the 1991 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.[7][8] DeSantis attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and Dunedin High School,[4] graduating in 1997.

After high school, DeSantis studied history at Yale University. He was captain of Yale’s varsity baseball team and joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.[8][9] He was an outfielder on the Yale baseball team; as a senior in 2001, he had the team’s best batting average at .336.[10][11][12][13] While attending Yale he worked a variety of jobs, including an electrician’s assistant and a baseball camp coach.[4] DeSantis graduated from Yale in 2001 with a B.A. magna cum laude.[14] After spending a year as a history teacher at the Darlington School,[15] he attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 2005 with a Juris Doctor cum laude.[16][17]”

Here’s the bio info from his political website:

“Ron DeSantis is the 46th Governor of Florida.

A native Floridian with blue-collar roots, Ron attended Dunedin High School and worked his way through Yale University, where he graduated with honors and was the captain of the varsity baseball team. He also graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, he earned a commission in the U.S. Navy as a JAG officer. During his active-duty service, Ron deployed to Iraq as an adviser to a U.S. Navy SEAL commander in support of the SEAL mission in Fallujah, Ramadi and the rest of Al Anbar province. His military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service and the Iraq Campaign Medal.

Ron also served as a federal prosecutor, where he targeted and convicted child predators. He was elected to Congress in 2012 and advocated for congressional term limits and a balanced budget amendment. He also spearheaded oversight efforts to expose malfeasance in the IRS and in agencies involved in abusing their authority during the manufacturing of the Russia collusion conspiracy theory. Congressman DeSantis was also a leading champion for America’s veterans and helped enact reforms to the VA and place an emphasis on mental health.

Ron is married to Casey DeSantis, an Emmy Award winning television host. Together, they’re the proud parents of their daughters, Madison and Mamie, and their son, Mason”

Here’s some excerpts from his Ballotpedia page ( I was going to copypasta the whole thing, but there was so much and I didn’t want to shit up the board… any more than I already do, eh wot?):

Campaign contributions in 2016:

Total Raised$4,678,388
Total Spent$3,657,150
Total Raised by Election Runner-up$41,250
Total Spent by Election Runner-up$42,518
Top contributors to Ron DeSantis’ congressional history’s campaign committee
Club for Growth$294,015
Senate Conservatives Fund$87,472
Brown & Brown Insurance$30,800
Island Doctors$27,600
Total Military Management$21,600
Top 5 industries that contributed to campaign committee
Securities & Investment$273,340
Real Estate$190,246
Misc Finance$120,910

Campaign contributions 2014:

Total Raised$1,110,622
Total Spent$429,687
Total Raised by Election Runner-up$38,479
Total Spent by Election Runner-up$37,892
Top contributors to Ron DeSantis’ congressional history’s campaign committee
Brown & Brown Insurance$19,650
Holland & Knight$15,250
Island Doctors$14,800
ICI Homes$13,000
Top 5 industries that contributed to campaign committee
Health Professionals$52,500
Lawyers/Law Firms$47,802

From a cursory review of these sites, I would say there’s a real risk that he has been ensnared by the GOP status quo, but I have not found anything, yet, that decisively indicates that he’s a RINO sleeper. Let’s do our due diligence on this one. I like the guy, I desperately crave a leader worthy of our loyalty and blood, but we should put in the effort to find out, lest we get blindsided, yet again, by another McChristian who will sacrifice his honor and principles for a seat at the table or to maintain the status quo.


  • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (2)Red says:

    2022-08-10 at 03:08

    I’m not good at reading people but I really like DeSantis. He’s got potential to be less insane religious ruler, though maybe not a king.

    The big problem with DeSantis is limited Charisma. He’d make a great VP or prime minister to a ruler but he doesn’t have the sort of magic with men to follow him into battle as far as I can tell. But when you choices of men to follow is jack shit and trannies, sign me up for DeSantis.

    My problem is people who are controlled opposition like Cernovich are pushing him and most of the hostility against DeSantis by the Polygon is of the sort that seems like they want us to think they hate and fear him more than Trump, which is obvious bullshit.

    (Video) Unity Across the Americas | COVID-19 Vaccine Education

    Sundance who was first into the tank for Trump and the guy who got it right with Barr and Pence(He’s a midwit and sometimes goes off into nonsense, but he’s got a good track record on reading people) is sending up warning flares about DeSantis being a RINO. I want to believe Com’s idea that DeSantis had a road to Damascus moment and would come into office and save the country from disaster, much as he’s done in Florida. So I’m conflicted about it.

    Jim what’s your take on DeSantis?


  • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (3)Ghost says:

    2022-08-10 at 04:38

    Too early for me. Desantis may be the only option though going forward. There are positions that line up. Christian, citizens rights, family man, etc…

    My read on him is he is connected. No stranger to the political game. He was a JAG lawyer (prosecutor) for Navy. Legal counsel at Gitmo during the Bush years then legal counsel for Special Forces in 2007. Not the kind of legal advice for the squeamish.

    Then there’s the trip to Israel off the bat as Governor.

    His political rival for Governor had FBI problems too among other things. Not enough to make a pattern but noteworthy.

    I’m not ready to switch. Trump might pull through yet.


    • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (4)Ghost says:

      2022-08-10 at 04:57

      Most of what a JAG lawyer does is pretty mundane. Providing legal advice to Commanders on things like DUIs, failure to follow orders or meet standards. It’s mostly paper pushing.

      But, at Gitmo he may have made some pretty powerful connections.


    • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (5)Gedeon says:

      2022-08-10 at 17:00

      His wife is a Schwartz.

      (Video) Belonging :60 | Belonging Begins With Us | Ad Council


      • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (6)Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        2022-08-10 at 21:00

        Women do not have a tribe. Even the Tribe.


        • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (7)Gedeon says:

          2022-08-11 at 14:10

          Orthodox judaism traces levitical content via the matrilineal line.

          Anyone with a Jewish mother is irrevocably Jewish, so no one GAF about the internal plank that women do not have a tribe because they do as long as that value is just limited to a blog’s comments.


          • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (8)Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            2022-08-11 at 20:07

            Jews might count Jewish blood through the female line, but everyone sane does it through the male line, because women do not have inherent loyalty to a group. Say I found a Jewish girl who was still a virgin, fucked her, knocked her up, and married her. She would end up going to church with me and converting to Christianity, and my children would be raised Christian, no matter what her parents thought about the matter. When a woman is fucking a man in a strong tribe, that is her tribe. If his wife is Jewish, it is either because he permits it or because he is weak.


      • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (9)The Cominator says:

        2022-08-10 at 21:06

        (Video) JAY Z, Kanye West - Otis ft. Otis Redding

        What is your source that Casey DeSantis (maiden name is Black… if her name was “Green” I’d say you’re right) is a Schwartz? She is from some methtown in Ohio originally. Non of the anti-DeSantis shills on 4chan have ever brought this up, if it were true they’d make a big deal of it.


        • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (10)Gedeon says:

          2022-08-11 at 14:07

          A Florida Governor is no more a diplomatic post than is the SOTH who is ostensibly the bogietits of the PLA for visiting Taiwan. I have carefully observed and tested for several years who slides the conversations about jewish power here and you are numero uno, of course it does not reflect positively on our host when he deletes simple posts with the following link either:

          I have been a student of etymology and linguistics for a long time. Names are one of the most important things people have and for society to use. I know of many Blacks and they are all Schwartz.

          US House District 6, 2016 – Desantis’ top contributor:
          Club for Growth: $294,015
          Club for Growth founded 1999 – Richard Gilder
          Gilder = Soros
          Club For Growth = Pat Toomey, impeachment traitor

          Take your pick of the think tanks, they are ALL jewish controlled. The post-WW2 era is government by NGO, notably the UN, which was established as the forum to harmonize it all among sovereign governments.

          It takes a liar or a truly obtuse person not to scrutinize the current global government which is in no uncertain terms jewish.


          • Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (11)jim says:

            2022-08-11 at 19:32

            Think tanks are not power. Power is power. When capitalists are summoned to listen to the priests at the WEF, power is on display. It is disproportionately Jewish, but it is not “the Jews”

            When the state department was pushing color revolution all over the place, leading to the Syrian war, the Libyan war, and now the Ukraine war, power was on display. Victoria Nulan, Jewish, appointed the Ukrainian government, also Jewish. But most of the color revolution governments were not particularly Jewish. They were more Hunter Biden types. It was not the Jewish tribe on display in the color revolutions and the Haiti earthquake relief, it is the woke carryon bagger tribe. Similarly the self cancellation of Russian entryists following the Ukraine war. In the flight of entryists from Russia, the carryonbagger tribe was on display.


Covid public service announcement « Jim's Blog (12)Kunning Drueger says:

2022-08-03 at 17:36

(Video) When You Graduate, They Graduate :60 | High School Equivalency | Ad Council

Here’s the random news round up that has no coherent structure or timing:

“On July 15, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), amended her original direction to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security by renaming and expanding the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group (AOIMSG) to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), due to the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, which included a provision to establish an office, in coordination with DNI, with responsibilities that were broader than those originally assigned to the AOIMSG. Today, USD(I&S) Hon. Ronald S. Moultrie informed the department of the establishment of AARO within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, and named Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, most recently the chief scientist at the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center, as the director of AARO. The mission of the AARO will be to synchronize efforts across the Department of Defense, and with other U.S. federal departments and agencies, to detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in, on or near military installations, operating areas, training areas, special use airspace and other areas of interest, and, as necessary, to mitigate any associated threats to safety of operations and national security. This includes anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects.”

“The erosion of women’s rights has been one of the most notable aspects of the de facto administration to date. Since 15 August, women and girls have progressively had their rights to fully participate in education, the workplace and other aspects of public and daily life restricted and in many cases completely taken away. The decision not to allow girls to return to secondary school means that a generation of girls will not complete their full 12 years of basic education. At the same time, access to justice for victims of gender-based violence has been limited by the dissolution of dedicated reporting pathways, justice mechanisms and shelters. ‘The education and participation of women and girls in public life is fundamental to any modern society. The relegation of women and girls to the home denies Afghanistan the benefit of the significant contributions they have to offer. Education for all is not only a basic human right, it is the key to progress and development of a nation,’ said the UN envoy.”

“Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have succumbed to his own mythmaking and hyperbole, unable to let go of his desire to conquer Ukraine, no matter what the costs, according to a public assessment by America’s top spymaster. CIA Director William Burns, the last U.S. official to meet with Putin before he ordered Russian forces into Ukraine in February, warned late Wednesday that the Russian leader truly believes he must conquer Ukraine to fulfill his destiny.

“Today, Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), and Brigadier-General Mike Adamson, Commander of 3 Canadian Space Division, participated in a ceremony that marked the establishment of the RCAF’s newest Division – 3 Canadian Space Division, at National Defence Headquarters Carling in Ottawa, Ontario. 3 Canadian Space Division is an evolution from the RCAF’s Director General Space organization. As the responsibility for space operations has steadily grown over the last decade, the space-focussed team within the RCAF has been re-organized to meet this expanded scope. Building on the space initiatives outlined in Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, the establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division recognizes the critical importance of space in all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations and day-to-day activities, and is a step forward in protecting Canadian interests in space. This newest RCAF Division will streamline, focus, and improve how space-based capabilities support critical CAF requirements such as communications, command and control, navigation, weather and situational awareness.”

“Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is visiting Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of Congo this week, trying to counteract Western blame of Russia for a growing global food crisis. Experts say Russia will push its own narrative as to why it’s attacking Ukraine and use the visit to show it has friends. Lavrov was in the Republic of Congo Monday, the second day of his tour, to meet with the leadership of the central African nation. Steven Gruzd is the head of the Russia-Africa Program at the South African Institute of International Affairs, said Russia will play the victim card when meeting with African leaders.
‘It’s a propaganda war as much as it’s a shooting war and we have seen from the Ukrainian side how successfully President Zelensky has used social media,’ Gruzd said. ‘He gives daily messages, he talks to parliaments and to [the U.S.] Congress and to groups around the world. Virtually, he is seen being on the frontline and Russia is mounting a counter-offensive. I think this is all part of that same trend.’ Gruzd said it’s interesting that it is an in-person visit rather than online communication. ‘I think it’s deliberately calculated to show that Russia is not isolated, that Russia still has friends in the world, that Russia still cares about Africa,’ Gruzd said.”

“Russia said Tuesday it will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024 to build its own orbiting outpost. The country’s space chief made the announcement during a meeting with President Vladmir Putin. […] NASA and the other partners involved in the International Space Station hope to continue their partnership through 2030, but Russia has been unwilling to commit to anything past 2024.”

“For 20 years, the United States and its Western allies played the major role in shaping Afghanistan’s future. But with the Taliban takeover nearly one year ago, regional powers, like Uzbekistan, are increasingly driving international engagement while Washington and the West hold out for Taliban concessions. In Tashkent this week, Uzbekistan convened an international conference on Afghanistan. More than 100 delegations from nearly 30 countries attended the event, mingling with the Taliban. Many of the governments, especially those from Central Asia, were clearly pushing toward an eventual normalization of relations with the new powers in Kabul. […] At perhaps the largest multilateral event with Taliban participation since the group seized power last August, officials from Kabul seemed emboldened and assertive. Central Asian diplomats told VOA that the Taliban came well prepared and confident, something reporters covering the event noticed as well. Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told the conference that Taliban-led Afghanistan is open for business.”

“The U.S. Department of State’s Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program, administered by the Diplomatic Security Service, is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information on foreign interference in U.S. elections. The reward offer seeks information leading to the identification or location of any foreign person, including a foreign entity, who knowingly engaged or is engaging in interference in U.S. elections, as well as information leading to the prevention, frustration, or favorable resolution of an act of foreign election interference. This announcement from RFJ is part of United States Government’s wider efforts to ensure the security and integrity of our elections and protect against foreign interference in our elections.”

“An indictment was unsealed today in Tampa, Florida, charging a Russian national, working on behalf of the Russian government and in conjunction with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), with allegedly orchestrating a years-long foreign malign influence campaign that used various U.S. political groups to sow discord, spread pro-Russian propaganda, and interfere in elections within the United States. As alleged in the indictment, from at least December 2014 until March 2022, Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov, a resident of Moscow, together with at least three Russian officials, engaged in a years-long foreign malign influence campaign targeting the United States. Ionov is the founder and president of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia (AGMR), an organization headquartered in Moscow and funded by the Russian government. Ionov utilized AGMR to carry out Russia’s influence campaign.”

“Post-Soviet Russia’s first naval doctrine was established in 2001 by presidential decree, with a major update approved in 2015 amid rising tensions with NATO, the Ukraine crisis, and Moscow’s growing strategic partnership with China. The new doctrine supersedes the 2015 document and adds a number of important new provisions. […] ‘We have transparently marked the borders and zones of Russia’s national interests – including economic, vital and strategic ones,’ Putin said during the signing ceremony, which took place at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. ‘First and foremost, these are our Arctic waters, the Black, Okhotsk, Bering and Baltic Seas, as well as the Kuril Straits. We will ensure their protection firmly and by all means,’ Putin said. The Navy, he stressed, is tasked with responding ‘with lightning speed to anyone who decides to encroach on our sovereignty and freedom.'”

“Indonesia and the United States, with additional participation from Australia, Japan and Singapore, kicked off a joint military exercise on Monday in a show of defense partnership amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. […] Super Garuda Shield 2022 takes place from Aug. 1 to 14, with drills involving the armies, navies and air forces. Canada, France, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Britain will participate as observer nations.”

Zeihan’s propaganda output appears to be moving in lockstep with the Biden Regime, acting as if the Zawahiri assassination is relevant in any way to Global Politics and IR, as well as pretending Speaker Witch-Wino is making some kind of grand strategic move of brilliance by visiting Taipei. As usual, his prediction is correct (no shoot down), while his theories are stupid.

***Meta Analysis Note***
The source of these links has been religiously consistent with opening each update with “Day XXX of the Conflict,” but have appeared to halt this custom as of 20 July.


(Video) Mask Up America – Favorite Things | Coronavirus Response | Ad Council


1. Former Presidents and First Ladies ‘It’s Up To You’ :60 | Ad Council and COVID Collaborative
(Ad Council)
2. Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council
(Ad Council)
3. Craig & Leslie | COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative | Ad Council
(Ad Council)
4. Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy
5. Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind (Official Video)
(Tim McGraw)
6. Obituary: The life of Queen Elizabeth II
(Sky News)

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