Cybersecurity Analyst Job Descriptions, Salary, and Interview Questions (2023)

A cybersecurity analyst is responsible for the security of a company’s hardware, software, network, and IT infrastructure. They must have a thorough understanding of cyberattacks, malware, and cybercriminal behavior. They constantly look for weaknesses and ways to enhance security and anticipate attacks so they can protect sensitive company data. A cybersecurity analyst needs to have excellent communication skills, in-depth knowledge of information technology, and a good understanding of the laws, including best practices and techniques. This role also requires staying up-to-date on technology trends.

Cybersecurity analysts must be creative to stay one step ahead of cyberattacks. Thinking outside the box to come up with clever solutions is important in finding ways to stop breaches to the organization’s network. Strong attention to detail and a detail-oriented mindset are also key skills. Overlooking even the smallest detail can result in a breach of the network. Cybersecurity analysts are also responsible for configuring tools such as virus software, password protectors, and vulnerability management software. They need good written communication skills to report on the network and evaluate its strength against attack.

How to Hire a Cybersecurity Analyst

When hiring a cybersecurity analyst, first consider the following:

  • Recruiting:Do you have the knowledge, tools, and resources to attract and screen candidates?
  • Complexity:Do you need a senior professional, or will mid or junior-level skills and experience suffice?
  • Duration: Are you hiring for a one-time project or an ongoing need?
  • Management:Do you have the time and expertise to direct the work effectively?
  • Urgency:How soon does the work need to be completed?
  • Headcount:Do you have the budget and approval for an internal employee, or should you consider alternate options?

Answering these questions will help determine the best course of action for your current hiring need. Fortunately, great options exist for every scenario. These are our recommendations:

1. Use a professional recruiting firm

When working with 4 Corner Resources, the heavy lifting is done for you. We source, screen, recruit, and deliver only the most qualified candidate(s), saving you significant time and effort throughout the hiring process while you remain focused on your core business. This is the best route to take when:

  • You need to fill the position quickly
  • You intend to hire onatemporary,contract, orcontract-to-hirebasis and direct the work activity
  • You are hiring a direct employee but aren’t able to recruit effectively or efficiently with your internal staff

2. Advertise on high-traffic job boards

Post your job onCareerBuilder,LinkedIn, or both. These popular job sites allow you to quickly post your open position to be seen by an audience of motivated, qualified candidates, with resumes delivered directly to your inbox. We recommend this option when:

  • You are hiring a direct employee and have time to facilitate a thorough recruiting effort
  • You have the internal resources and processes to review, screen, and reply to all applicants
  • You have internal resources with the knowledge and experience to assess candidate qualifications

3. Hire an experienced freelancer

Connect with seasoned professionals onUpwork,Toptal, orFiverr. The freelance, or gig, economy continues to grow, with more talent available every day. Not every position is ideal for the freelance marketplace, but a cybersecurity analyst is often a great fit. We recommend this option when:

  • Your need is project-based
  • You do not intend to direct the daily work activity
  • You are hiring for expertise your internal team does not possess
  • You do not require an employee to work onsite or follow a specific schedule

4. Leverage your website and social media accounts

Take advantage of free advertising by posting the opening on your site, especially if you have an applicant tracking system to help manage the process. If you have access to your organization’s social media accounts be sure to also post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. We recommend this option when:

  • Your brand has strong name recognition
  • Your website has an existing career section
  • You have an active social media presence

5. Reward employees for referrals

Current employees are every organization’s greatest asset. Encourage your internal team to promote job openings to their network by offering cash and other incentives. We recommend this option when:

  • Your internal staff is motivated to help
  • You are prepared to provide thorough feedback for all internal referrals
  • You have a process in place to quickly and broadly communicate job openings and requirements

If you aren’t sure which path is best,schedule a discoverycall today with our seasoned recruiting professionals. The 4 Corner team is on standby to help you find the best option for your unique hiring need.

Sample job description #1

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, you’ll serve at a base of your choosing while protecting our cyberspace infrastructure with your technical and analytical skills in computers, science, and math. Plus, you’ll advise commanders on risks and other mitigation factors in conjunction with utilized technologies, all to ensure the mission is successful.

Primary responsibilities

  • Assess, plan and develop programs to protect cyberspace infrastructure
  • Support communication operations throughout the world
  • Command crew to accomplish cyberspace, missions, and other training


To be considered you must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a focus in computer and information sciences
  • Completion of Undergraduate Cyberspace training and mission qualification training in specialty area
  • Completion of a current Single Scoped Background Investigation (SSBI)
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 39

Sample job description #2

Ensures that the risk to the organization’s information posed by a variety of cyber threats (cyber-attacks; theft or corruption from within; etc.) is minimized. Ensures that our networks and systems are secure and updated. If cyber-attacks occur or data are stolen or compromised, these incidents are dealt with promptly and effectively and the chance of that particular type of incident recurring is minimized.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Researches and stays up to date on the latest information technology security trends
  • Monitors the organization’s networks for security breaches and investigates violations when they occur
  • Help to design, implement, and maintain the organization’s cyber-security plan
  • Develop and direct implementation of security standards and best practices for the organization
  • Direct the installation and use of security tools (e.g., firewalls, data encryption, PII data discovery), to protect sensitive information
  • Recommend security enhancements to IT Management
  • Help IT resources and end users when they need to install or learn about new security products and/or procedures
  • Ensure that IT security audits are conducted periodically or as needed (e.g., PCI/SOX or when a security breach occurs)
  • Comply with all audit material requests (PCI/SOX)
  • Deploy patches in a timely manner while understanding business impact
  • Works closely with other members of IT Infrastructure team to support other areas such as server systems, applications, network, cloud, and user support, as needed

Sample job description #3

Essential duties

  • Monitor computer networks for security issues
  • Investigate security breaches and other cybersecurity incidents and leads incident response, documentation, and damage assessment activities
  • Leads Installation of security measures and operate software to protect systems and information infrastructure, including firewalls and data encryption programs
  • Work with IT security team to perform tests and uncover network vulnerabilities
  • Work with IT security team to fix detected vulnerabilities to maintain a high-security standard
  • Stay current on IT security trends and news and standards
  • Develop company-wide best practices for IT security
  • Perform penetration testing
  • Guide colleagues in installing security software and understand information security management
  • Research security enhancements and make recommendations to management
  • Security Policy development
  • Analyze system configuration using DoD approved software and protocols such as DISA STIG using STIGviewer, SCC, and OpenSCAP

Education and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field of study required
  • Minimum of four (4) years of experience in a combination of risk management, information security, IT, and Cloud work experience

To be considered for this position, you would need to meet, at a minimum, theknowledge, skills, and abilitieslisted here:

  • DOD Secret Security Clearance or ability to obtain one
  • CompTIA Security+ CE or must have the ability to obtain one within 6 months of start date
  • Security qualifications a bonus – CISSP, CISM
  • Demonstrated knowledge of RMF, NIST, NISPOM, system audits, vulnerability scanning, and DCSA security package development are highly desirable
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
  • 5+ years’ experience in information security or related field
  • Experience with computer network penetration testing and techniques
  • Understanding of firewalls, proxies, SIEM, NAC, antivirus, encryption, and IDPS concepts
  • Ability to identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities and explain how to avoid them
  • Strong collaborative drive and interpersonal skills
  • Strong initiative, proactive work ethic and prioritization skills
  • Trustable judgement and analytical problem-solving skills
  • Effective execution and decision making
  • Champion of change and promotes innovation
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Average salary and compensation

The average salary for a cybersecurity analystis$113,250per year in the United States, with a potential for cash bonuses every year. Salary may depend on the level of experience, education, and geographical location.

LocationSalary LowSalary High
Phoenix, Arizona$119,250$145,750
Los Angeles, California$134,500$156,900
Denver, Colorado$118,300$130,800
Washington, DC$136,500$159,300
Miami, Florida$111,600$130,200
Orlando, Florida$102,900$120,100
Tampa, Florida$103,900$121,250
Atlanta, Georgia$109,050$127,200
Chicago, Illinois$125,350$146,250
Boston, Massachusetts$135,550$158,150
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota$108,000$126,000
New York City, New York$142,650$166,450
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$116,150$135,550
Dallas, Texas$113,150$131,950
Houston, Texas$112,600$131,350
Seattle, Washington$130,450$152,200
National Average$101,900$124,500

Sample interview questions

  • What’s the difference between IDS and IPS?
  • Can you explain the CIA triad?
  • What’s the difference between encryption and hashing?
  • What’s the purpose of a firewall?
  • What do you consider the main advantages of cybersecurity?
  • Would you consider yourself an excellent communicator?
  • How would you identify and prevent a brute force attack?
  • What is port scanning?
  • Can you name the seven layers of the OSI model?
  • Can you describe an MITM attack?
  • What’s the difference between SSL and TLS?
  • What does XSS stand for, and what does it mean?
  • What does WAF stand for, and what does it mean?
  • What programming languages do you know?
  • What are the most common vulnerabilities you see in network security?
  • What is the importance of DNS monitoring?
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