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In the world of pet food delivery services, PetPlate and Farmer’s Dog are two of the most well-known and respected options. Both companies promise to provide fresh, healthy meals for pets that are convenient and customized to meet each animal’s specific needs. But which one is the better choice? In this review, we will compare PetPlate and Farmer’s Dog in terms of their ingredients, pricing, and overall customer satisfaction to determine which service comes out on top. So, let’s dive in and see which company comes out on top in this battle of PetPlate vs Farmer’s Dog.

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Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate

PetPlate reviews

PetPlate complaints

Farmer’s Dog reviews

Alternative to Pet Plate and Farmer’s Dog

Conclusion of Pet Plate vs Farmer’s Dog


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Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate

Personalized nutrition: Both Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate offer personalized nutrition plans for your furry friend, taking into account factors such as breed, size, age, and activity level. However, Farmer’s Dog uses a quiz that you can take online to determine the best plan for your dog, while PetPlate uses a team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists to create a customized plan.

Quality of ingredients: Farmer’s Dog prides itself on using only human-grade, whole food ingredients in their meals, sourced from local farms and suppliers. PetPlate also uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients, but they are processed in a facility that also handles other pet food brands, which may not be as appealing to some pet owners.

Convenience: Both Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate offer convenient options for feeding your dog. Farmer’s Dog offers home delivery of freshly made meals, while PetPlate offers pre-made, frozen meals that can be easily thawed and served.

Price: Farmer’s Dog is generally considered to be more expensive than PetPlate, with prices ranging from $2 to $3 per day, depending on the size of your dog. PetPlate’s prices start at $1.50 per day.

Customer reviews: Both Farmer’s Dog and PetPlate have mostly positive reviews from customers, with some praising the convenience and quality of the meals, and others noting improvements in their pets’ overall health. However, Farmer’s Dog has received some criticism for its high prices, while PetPlate has received some complaints about the taste and texture of the meals.

PetPlate reviews


  • Convenient delivery: Many customers appreciate the convenience of having fresh, pre-portioned meals delivered directly to their doorstep.
  • High-quality ingredients: PetPlate uses human-grade ingredients and sources from reputable farms.
  • Customizable meal plans: Customers can choose from a variety of protein options and adjust the portion size based on their pet’s needs.
  • Positive impact on health: Many customers have reported improved health in their pets after switching to PetPlate, including weight loss, increased energy, and a shinier coat.


  • Expensive: Some customers have found PetPlate to be on the pricier side compared to other pet food options.
  • Limited protein options: While PetPlate offers a variety of protein options, some customers have wished for more variety.
  • Flavor variations: Some customers have reported that their pets didn’t enjoy certain flavor combinations or had trouble transitioning to the new food.
  • Customer service issues: A small number of customers have reported dissatisfaction with PetPlate’s customer service.
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“I was skeptical at first, but my dog LOVES the food from PetPlate. She gobbles it up every time and I’ve noticed a noticeable improvement in her energy levels and coat since starting the service. The portion sizes are perfect and the delivery is always on time. Highly recommend!”

“I have a picky dog who can be difficult to please when it comes to food. But she’s been eating PetPlate without any issues and seems to really enjoy it. The convenience of having it delivered to my door is a game changer and the price is competitive compared to other fresh pet food options. Two paws up from us!”

“I was hesitant to try PetPlate because I wasn’t sure if my senior dog would like the food. But I’m so glad I took the chance! He’s been eating it for a few months now and his coat is shinier and he seems to have more energy. The customer service has also been top-notch – they even helped me adjust the portions for my dog’s specific needs. Highly recommend giving PetPlate a try!”

“My dog has food allergies and it’s been difficult to find a brand that works for her. PetPlate has been a lifesaver – the ingredients are all-natural and I know exactly what’s going into her meals. Plus, the packaging is eco-friendly which is important to me. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the service and will continue to use PetPlate for my feline friend.”

“I was tired of buying pre-made pet food and decided to give PetPlate a try. It’s been a game changer for my dog and me. The meals are easy to prepare and my dog LOVES the variety of flavors. I also love that I can customize the meals based on my dog’s specific needs. Highly recommend giving PetPlate a try!”

PetPlate complaints

One common complaint among PetPlate users is the lack of variety in the meals offered. Many pet owners have reported feeling as though their pets were being served the same few dishes repeatedly, and were unable to find options that suited their pets’ specific dietary needs or preferences.

Another issue that has been raised by some PetPlate customers is the quality of the ingredients used in the company’s meals. Some pet owners have reported finding bones, gristle, and other inedible pieces in their pets’ food, which can be dangerous for both the pets and their owners.

Additionally, some pet owners have had negative experiences with the customer service provided by PetPlate. Complaints have ranged from difficulty reaching customer service representatives to unresponsive or unhelpful responses when problems were reported.

Despite these complaints, however, it should be noted that not all PetPlate users have had negative experiences. Many pet owners have praised the company for providing convenient and healthy meals for their pets, and have had no issues with the quality or variety of the food provided.

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Farmer’s Dog reviews


  • High-quality ingredients: Many customers have noted that Farmer’s Dog uses only fresh, whole ingredients in their meals, and avoid fillers and additives. This can be especially beneficial for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.
  • Customization options: Farmer’s Dog allows customers to customize their dog’s meals based on their specific needs and preferences, including selecting from different protein sources and adding supplements.
  • Convenient delivery: Customers appreciate the convenience of having their dog’s meals delivered directly to their doorstep.
  • Positive health impacts: Many customers have reported positive changes in their dog’s overall health and well-being, such as improved coat condition, increased energy, and weight loss.


  • Price: Some customers have noted that the cost of Farmer’s Dog meals can be higher than other options on the market.
  • Limited availability: Farmer’s Dog is only available in certain areas of the United States, so not all customers have access to the service.
  • Transitioning issues: Some dogs may experience digestive issues when transitioning to a new type of food, and this can be particularly true when switching to a fresh food like Farmer’s Dog. It’s important to follow the recommended transition plan provided by the company to minimize any potential issues.

One pet owner shared their experience with Farmer’s Dog, stating that they had struggled to find a high-quality and affordable food option for their picky eater of a dog. After switching to Farmer’s Dog, they noticed an immediate improvement in their dog’s energy levels and coat condition. The personalized meal plan tailored to their dog’s specific needs was a game changer and they have continued to use Farmer’s Dog as their primary source of nutrition.

Another pet owner raved about the convenience and simplicity of Farmer’s Dog’s delivery service. They no longer have to worry about running out of dog food or making trips to the store, as the meals are delivered straight to their door. They also appreciate the transparency of the ingredients and the fact that the meals are made with fresh, whole foods.

A third pet owner shared that their senior dog was experiencing digestive issues and weight loss before switching to Farmer’s Dog. After starting on the specially formulated senior meal plan, their dog’s health improved significantly and they were able to gain weight and maintain it. The pet owner was extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommends Farmer’s Dog for older dogs with special nutritional needs.

Overall, the overwhelming majority of pet owners who have tried Farmer’s Dog have had positive experiences and would recommend it to other pet owners. The personalized meal plans and high-quality ingredients have led to noticeable improvements in their pets’ health and well-being.

Farmer’s Dog complaints

One common complaint among pet owners who have tried Farmer’s Dog is the inconsistency in the quality and quantity of the food. Some have reported receiving bags that were under or overfilled, or that contained spoiled or moldy ingredients.

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Another complaint is the high cost of the service, with some pet owners feeling that the price does not justify the quality of the food. Some have also reported difficulties with canceling their subscriptions or receiving refunds for unopened bags.

Some pet owners have also had issues with the delivery process, with some experiencing delays or missing shipments. Others have reported receiving incorrect orders or having their delivery schedules changed without notification.

There have also been complaints about the lack of transparency in the sourcing and manufacturing of the food. Some pet owners have expressed concerns about the use of fillers or low-quality ingredients in the recipes.

Overall, while some pet owners have had positive experiences with Farmer’s Dog, others have had significant complaints about the quality, cost, and delivery of the service. It is important for potential customers to carefully research and consider these experiences before committing to a subscription.

Alternative to Pet Plate and Farmer’s Dog

  1. NomNomNow
  2. Ollie
  3. The Pet Chef
  4. Pet Wants
  5. JustFoodForDogs
  6. Poppy’s Picnic
  7. Freshpet

Conclusion of Pet Plate vs Farmer’s Dog

In conclusion, both Pet Plate and Farmer’s Dog offer a convenient and healthy option for feeding your pets. However, there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding which option is best for you and your furry friend.

Pros of Pet Plate:

  • Customizable meal plans based on your pet’s specific needs and preferences
  • Made with human-grade ingredients and cooked in a USDA-certified kitchen
  • Delivery options available nationwide
  • Supports small, family-owned farms and local suppliers

Cons of Pet Plate:

  • May be more expensive than other options
  • Limited options for pets with allergies or sensitivities

Pros of Farmer’s Dog:

  • Customizable meal plans based on your pet’s specific needs and preferences
  • Made with human-grade ingredients and cooked in a USDA-certified kitchen
  • Delivery options available nationwide
  • Offers options for pets with allergies or sensitivities

Cons of Farmer’s Dog:

  • May be more expensive than other options
  • Limited options for supporting small, family-owned farms and local suppliers

Ultimately, the decision between Pet Plate and Farmer’s Dog will depend on your individual needs and priorities. If supporting small, family-owned farms and local suppliers is important to you, Pet Plate may be the better option. On the other hand, if your pet has specific allergies or sensitivities, Farmer’s Dog may be the better choice. Both companies offer high-quality, healthy options for feeding your pets, so it’s worth considering both before making a decision.


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