Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (2023)

Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a food service worker. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of food service worker resumes they appeared on. For example, 23.4% of food service worker resumes contained positive attitude as a skill. Let's find out what skills a food service worker actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

15 Essential Food Service Worker Skills For Your Resume And Career

A positive attitude can be defined as a mindset and a thought process that expects favorable results. It means being optimistic about situations, outcomes, interactions, and yourself. Having a positive attitude means expecting the best under all circumstances.

Here's how positive attitude is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Provided excellent customer service by working numerous food preparation stations - Maintained composure and positive attitude in fast-paced and time-intensive environments
  • Provided excellent customer service by following proper health and safety guidelines, maintaining a positive attitude while serving rushes of customers
  • Helped improve guest experience by offering a positive attitude and wonderful customer service while maintaining a clean and friendly work environment
  • Exhibited passion and professionalism by maintaining positive attitude and followed supervisor directions under fast-paced work environment.
  • Maintained a positive attitude while serving customers and provided quality customer service.

Here's how safety standards is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Prepared and delivered meals to 300+ patients Maintained Stanford Hospital and Clinics Safety Standards Ensured meals met dietary restrictions and patient preference
  • Responsibilities-Ensured optimal level of sanitation and safety standards in work area at all times.
  • Followed safety standards while operating industrial machines such as trash compactors and dish machines
  • Prepared and supervised preparation of foods according to company and established safety standards.
  • Maintained safety standards and provided exceptional customer service to military personnel.

Customer service is the process of offering assistance to all the current and potential customers -- answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service. The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.

Here's how customer service is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Exhibit a professional attitude, exceptional customer service and courtesy when assisting customers and interacting with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Assisted with customer service Interacted with co-workers of different backgrounds Maintained cleanliness of restaurant
  • Conducted in a positive working environment Adapted to schedule changes as needed Customer service
  • Offered exceptional customer service to clientele to promote company products and satisfaction.
  • Maintained facility cleanliness, processed cash transactions and provided excellent customer service.

And if you’re looking for a job, here are the five top employers hiring now:

  1. Costco Wholesale Jobs (205)
  2. Target Jobs (303)
  3. TKC Holdings Jobs (261)
  4. Compass Group USA Jobs (640)
  5. The Walt Disney Company Jobs (151)

Here's how food safety is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Performed duties according to company policy such as: opening/closing procedures, handling monetary transactions, and following food safety guidelines.
  • Promote food safety and proper disinfection, sterilization and temperature control of food from storage to preparation to service
  • Required an understanding of food safety regulations and attention to detail around cleanliness and safety.
  • Prepared quality products while maintaining proper food safety practices in a fast-paced environment.
  • Performed restaurant sanitation duties to ensure health and food safety regulations were followed.

Communication is the ability to express one's ideas and thoughts to other people using expressions, words, or actions. Communication is to receive or send any kind of information. People need to be able to communicate and convey their message to the customers to run a successful business.

Here's how communication is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Learned important communication skills pertaining to guest satisfaction and working in a stressful and fast-paced environment.
  • Maintained accurate record keeping and written communication during shifts using SharePoint, and department communication log.
  • Ensured patient satisfaction by providing exemplary customer service, attentiveness to detail and effective communication.
  • Maintained cleanliness and hygiene around the cooking station Provided excellent communication skills with the customers
  • Worked independently and in teams using effective communication and time management skills.

POS is an abbreviation of "Point of Sale" which is the time and place where a customer completes a transaction. It can either be a physical shop that consists of POS terminals or a virtual shop. A POS system helps simplify the retail functions and track important sales data.

Here's how pos is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Supported and utilized POS Systems and inventory database.
  • Prepare food products for sale | Stock and inventory | Extensive cash, credit, and debit handling experience | POS systems
  • Utilized the POS system to monitor inventory, track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks.
  • Prepare and serve meals to school age children, Clean and sanitize kitchen area, Process POS transactions.
  • Assured the completion of all POS transactions and the proper control of cash and media at POS registers.

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Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (31)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (32)

A tray line is a food preparation method in which food trays travel around the production line.

Here's how tray line is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Operated tray line machine according to manufacture guidelines.
  • Perform tray line service accurately and efficiently.
  • Prepared tray line with proper utensils, build trays according to proper assigned diets, delivered food trolleys to all units.
  • Worked in scrap room, empty carts, loading dishwasher and returning dishes to tray lines from three hospitals after meals.
  • Supervised inmate crews and performed tray line, transport, distribution, meat, vegetables and other ingredients for preparation activities.

Portion control means choosing a healthy amount of a certain food that helps you get the benefits of the nutrients you need in the food without overeating. Additionally, portion control is very important because it helps you digest your foods easier as well as reach or maintain a healthy weight.

Here's how portion control is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Maintain quality control/satisfaction records, portion control /temperature control for safe consumption
  • Served students incorporating portion control measures established in existing standards/instructions.
  • Follow preparation guidelines regarding portion controls to reduce waste.
  • Comply with Portion Control Standard according to departmental policy.
  • Followed guidelines on portion control and food preparation, unloading and storing away all procurement in the appropriate cooler and refrigerator.

Kitchen Equipment refers to all those essential items which are crucial for the task of cooking.

Here's how kitchen equipment is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Operated a variety of kitchen equipment, disassembled, cleaned and assembled component parts and accessories following appropriate safety procedures.
  • Prepared and served food and beverages at various work stations-Operated and cleaned kitchen equipment-Interacted with customers and provided to their needs
  • Performed general sanitation duties including but not limited to cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment, ovens and refrigerators.
  • Repaired and contained kitchen equipment at designated restaurants to ensure restaurants were safe and functional.
  • Maintained organization and cleanliness of kitchen equipment, refrigerators, freezers and storage.

Food products are the types of various food items that are created and processed to be sold as a product. These products are consumed by humans for nourishment and are mostly processed and created in a huge factory. Tinned goods, milk, meat, etc are the most common food products, and they are not limited to any specific kind except tobacco, beers, and alcohol as they are not considered food products.

Here's how food products is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Prepared, maintained proper temperatures and avoided cross contamination of food products.
  • Answered customers' questions and provided information/recommendations on food products.
  • Inspected food products upon delivery to ensure quality assurance.
  • Performed weekly inventory of all incoming/outgoing food products.
  • Organized food products to promote visually appealing environment.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of hazards in the food production process. It is considered a risk analysis for the food safety sector with international recognition, which is used as a priority for measures and risk reduction in the food process. By controlling major food risks such as microbiological, chemical, and physical contamination, the industry can better assure consumers that its products are as safe as science and technology allows.

Here's how haccp is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Perform cleaning and sanitizing duties according to HACCP, LA County Health Department, and LAUSD Food Services Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Revamped serving lines at High School and Middle School, HACCP records, USDA records, production sheets, special events.
  • Prepared and served patient trays, general cleaning, used commercial equipment safely, filled out HACCP temperature sheets accurately.
  • Practiced safe food handling according to HACCP, LA County Health Department, and LAUSD Food Services Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Participated in HACCP training and utilized those components of the HACCP system that are a function of the job tasks.

Sanitation Standards are the minimal rules and requirements that must be carried out and followed in the process of sanitizing or cleaning something or somebody. These measurements might be employed by individuals and institutions alike and organizations like the World Health organization often develop and define these standards for both groups. They are also frequently found in certain businesses, such as medical institutions like hospitals or places that prepare and/or serve consumable goods, such as food and drinks.

(Video) Food Handling Safety Training from

Here's how sanitation standards is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Prepared food items as assigned according to standardized recipes, food preparation guidelines and sanitation standards.
  • Assisted with routine maintenance in dining facility and cleaned facility according to sanitation standards.
  • Maintain food handling and sanitation standards to meet licensing agency requirements.
  • Maintained cleanliness and sanitation standards in kitchen and food preparation areas.
  • Maintained cooking and eating areas according to sanitation standards.

Here's how steam tables is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Cashier responsibilities, hourly documentation of coolers and steam table temperatures, expired food damage control, contamination safety practices.
  • Set up food service counters, steam tables, dining tables, and salad bars including dressings, and other condiments.
  • Completed set-up of cafeteria lines, steam tables, and side service stands with hot and cold food items & beverages.
  • Serve meals in the dining room daily, clean tables, steam tables and also set up dining room after meals.
  • Remove used dishes and assist in the cleaning of steam tables, other tables, and furnishings in the dining area.

Here's how customer complaints is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Interacted with customers and resolved customer complaints in friendly, service-oriented manner.
  • Managed customer complaints and ensured they were handled expeditiously and judiciously.
  • Managed customer complaints and feedback for constant improvements.
  • Resolved customer complaints or reported problems to manager.
  • Handle customer complaints or concerns positively and efficiently.

A food tray is a flat surface for serving foods, snacks, and drinks. Food trays help waiters deliver orders efficiently and on time, and customers in carrying food with ease.

Here's how food trays is used on food service worker resumes:

  • Expedited food trays in accordance with dietary and nutritional restrictions
  • Transported food to patients, washed dishes, assembled food trays, other tasks were completed if asked by supervisor.
  • Filed all food orders, new diet orders, and diet information from nurses and check food trays for accuracy.
  • Assist in preparation and distribution of meals for hospital patients and cafeteria, retrieval of food trays from patient rooms.
  • Supplied hospital patient units with condiments, juice and coffee, assisted in assembling and delivering food trays to patients.

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (33)

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Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (34)

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Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (35)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (36)

Real Examples Of Food Service Worker Resumes That Use These Skills

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Olivia Evans

Food Service Worker

Contact Information

Jacksonville, FL

(320) 555-5707


  • Dietary Aid
  • Dishwasher
  • Menu Items
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Communication
  • Storage Areas
  • Special Diets
  • Food Warmers
  • Positive Attitude
  • Kitchen Facilities

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (37)

Employment History

Food Service Worker2019 - Present

Burger KingJacksonville, FL

  • Prepare and distribute food products, cashier work, clean and sanitize work areas.
  • Prepared and served food to customers Maintained a clean work environment and a positive attitude

Food Service Worker2018 - 2019

Cracker BarrelJacksonville, FL

  • Baked Biscuits and food preparation.
  • Prepare beverage orders and some small food items.
  • General labor including food preparation and maintaining a clean work station.
  • Back of house food preparations, cooking, cleaning
  • Ensured that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience by providing quality customer service Maintained cleanliness of restaurant Handled cash and cash terminal
  • Prepare deli iteams for sale, operate cooking equipment, clean and sanitize work area

Cook/Dietary Aide2012 - 2018

Cracker BarrelJacksonville, FL

  • Open food service outlet in a timely manner .
  • Operate food service equipment and machinery.
  • Pleased the guests by correctly preparing menu items to our high standards of professional cooking.
  • Monitored food preparation and sanitation Ensured quality, expedited preparation and service Supervised 10-15 employees in 4 different workstations
  • Prepared fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood in accordance with safety and sanitation standards.

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (38)


High School Diploma 2012 - 2012

Alexander Ramos

Food Service Worker

Contact Info

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (39)Atlanta, GA

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (40)(770) 555-2423

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (41)


New MerchandiseMenu ItemsStore ManagementDrive-ThruDishesSales TransactionsRoom TablesPortion ControlPositive AttitudeCompany Policies

(Video) Top 20 School Cafeteria Worker Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Employment History

Food Service Worker

2020 - Present


Atlanta, GA

  • Collected and scraped all trays for industrial dishwasher.
  • serve college students, keep all stations cleaned and greet each customer with an positive attitude
  • Organized and assist in food preparations, food items on the menu, and cleanup activities.

Dining Service Inspector

2019 - 2020


Atlanta, GA

  • Recommended menu items based on customer needs such as Vegan Vegetarian or Gluten free diet.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, smile and greet customers as they approach the serving line.
  • Prepared food for the Deli, grill, salad bar fruit bar, deserts & steam table.

Cashier Associate

2018 - 2019


Miami, FL

  • Stocked items on sales floor, Repriced clothing and assisted customers with finding items.
  • Maintained compliance to company policies, work rules, safety and housekeeping standards
  • Shared best practices for sales and customer service with other team members to help improve the store's efficiency.


Some College Courses Nursing

2018 - 2018

Miami Dade College

Miami, FL

Christine Lee

Food Service Worker

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (42)

Miami, FL

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (43)

(320) 555-1485

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (44)


Food Service Worker2019 - Present

McDonald'sMiami, FL

  • Cleaned and polished counters, shelves, walls, furniture and equipment in food service areas.
  • Separate food products on the assembly line.
  • Prepared food, beverages and menu items quickly and accurately.

Kitchen Assistant2018 - 2019

BenihanaMiami, FL

  • Prepare food for guests, prep food, dish washing, rotate produce.
  • Set up the salad Bar/ fill napkin holders 2011/2012 Clean main dining area Clean dishes Helped cook the food
  • Managed inventory and storage of food by following proper procedures and sanitation guidelines.

Food Service Assistant2008 - 2018

Burger KingMiami, FL

  • Cashier and food preparation for a quality dining experience
  • Cleaned food preparation areas, cooking surfaces, and utensils.
  • Open and Closed the restaurant Provided swift and reliable customer service
  • Prepare certain food products for each stain and store them into the freezer for the next shift.


Kitchen EquipmentKitchen FloorsPOSMenu ItemsPortion ControlData EntryFood CartsPositive AttitudeTimely FashionClean Kitchen


High School Diploma 2008 - 2008

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List Of Skills To Add To Your Food Service Worker Resume

According to recent trends, the most relevant food service worker Resume Keywords for your resume are:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Safety Standards
  • Customer Service
  • Food Safety
  • Communication
  • POS
  • Tray Line
  • Portion Control
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Products
  • Haccp
  • Sanitation Standards
  • Steam Tables
  • (Video) Canada urgent Needs!! Waiter/Waitress/Server/Food Service attendant.Hurry up! apply now!

  • Customer Complaints
  • Food Trays
  • Food Preparation
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Meal Service
  • Menu Items
  • Food Carts
  • Dishwasher
  • Credit Card
  • Hard-Working
  • Safety Procedures
  • Patient Meals
  • Ice Cream
  • Cold Food Items
  • Patient Rooms
  • Customer Orders
  • Proper Storage
  • Hospital Patients
  • Safe Environment
  • Timely Fashion
  • Special Diets
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Cooking Surfaces
  • Proper Procedures
  • Inventory Control
  • Sanitation Guidelines
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Food Warmers
  • Storage Areas
  • Food Line
  • Mop Floors
  • Drink Orders
  • Immediate Service
  • Production Orders
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Food Distribution
  • Special Orders

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Mid Level

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Senior Level

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Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (55)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (56)


Online Courses For Food Service Workers

One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed to be a food service worker is to take an online course. We've identified some online courses from Udemy and Coursera that will help you advance in your career. Since food service workers benefit from having skills like positive attitude, safety standards, and customer service, we found courses that will help you improve these skills.

Advertising Disclosure

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (57)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (58)

Sustainable Food Security: Food Access

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (59)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (60)

Food access: Learn about food supply and food security Have you ever considered that you’re not the only one who decides what food ends up on your plate? In this environmental studies course, you’ll explore how key actors at household, local, national and international levels negotiate and make choices on access to food. You will understand why the choices you make have been predestined. And you will learn what it takes to provide access to a safe and nutritious food supply every day. For whom?...

Basic Food Photography

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (61)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (62)





Learn how to take delicious food photos from scratch...

Nutrition and Health: Food Safety

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (63)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (64)

Everyday reports of food scandals and recalls are published. One day it’s scary bacteria in meat, and another day it’s dangerous pesticides in fruits. According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances. Many consumers worry about the conflicting and confusing messages about food hazards. This nutrition and health course will teach you about the risk factors associated with food and...

Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (65)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (66)





With DIY Food Photography, you'll be taking better photos in no time with what you have in your own kitchen!...

Cook Real Food: How to Make Simple Plant-Based Meals

Learn how to cook whole plant foods to make quick, easy, and healthy vegan meals for practical everyday eating...

Rebuilding Our Relationship with Food

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (69)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (70)

Have you ever made a conscious effort to change the way you eat (for health or other reasons) and then felt frustrated when your plans were derailed? You're not alone. The best laid plans are often sabotaged by a food environment that makes it increasingly hard to make healthier food choices. This can leave many people feeling mistrustful of food or feeling that our relationship with food is somehow broken. In this course, we'll explore the history of our changing food environment, the science b...

Sustainable Global Food Systems

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (71)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (72)

We are currently facing one of the biggest challenges worldwide: how to feed a growing population without exhausting global resources. This course examines food security from a food systems perspective and illustrates the major global challenges present, from the environmental impact of food production to the public health impacts of current and future diets. We look at where food systems and non-food policies interact, such as climate change and biodiversity conservation. You will be...

Global Food Futures and Agri-food Systems Solutions

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (73)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (74)

"The challenge is to deliver nutritious, safe and affordable food to a global population of over 9 billion in the coming decades, using less land, fewer inputs, with less waste and a lower environmental impact. All this has to be done in ways that are socially and economically sustainable." -Prof. Sir John Beddington, Government Chief Scientific Adviser Are you aware that your daily choices about the food that you consume frequently affect people and the environment across the globe? As a...

Food Fermentation: The Science of Cooking with Microbes

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (75)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (76)

What’s living in your food? Many of the foods that we consume daily owe their distinct characteristics and flavors to microbes, specifically through a biochemical process of fermentation (using bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms to produce diverse foods). Gourmands and everyday consumers can quickly name some of the most popular fermented foods we consume—beer, yogurt, pickles—but, what about that coffee you drank this morning, or the chocolate bar you are saving for later? Through...

(Video) Should Food Service Workers Get Paid $15 Per Hour? | Ask the Chef

Sustainable Agri-food Supply Chain Management

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (77)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (78)

Sustainable agri-food chains should operate in a manner that exploits and optimizes the synergies among environmental protection, social fairness and economic growth. Today, societal stakeholders demand the management of a sustainable agri-food supply chain to incorporate a diverse and often inter-related set of issues relating to sustainable development. There is surmounting global pressure for corporate responsibility to transcend product quality and extend to areas of labor standards, health...

Blockchain applications in Food Safety, Healthcare & Pharma

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (79)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (80)





Best course to learn about Blockchain Business Applications in Pharma, Food Safety, Healthcare and Insurance Industries...

Sustainable Agri-food Marketing

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (81)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (82)

The learner will explore sustainable marketing and incorporate the motivations, drivers, and impacts of food innovation to create effective marketing strategies and plans that support the sustainability of the agri-food industry. They will take the long-term view that includes multiple scales local, national, and global, envisioning different possibilities for the future of food. Leveraging the best communication and media to eliminate the old while promoting the new products, programs, and...

Food and Nutrition Security in Urbanizing Landscapes

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (83)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (84)

Food and nutrition insecurity in an urban izing world Our landscapes are changing. As towns and megacities expand, they increasingly place claim on limited natural resources, such as water and land. In turn, this competition for resources places rural areas under pressure, further aggravated by climate change and rural-urban migration. Yet, these areas are essential for producing food for a growing population. These changes in the landscape have a serious impact on food and nutrition...

HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certification

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (85)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (86)





Food Safety Preventive System (HACCP System) for ISO 22000...

Agri-Food Systems Analysis

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (87)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (88)

Agri-Food systems are at the heart of at least 12 of the 17 United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The wide scope of the SDGs call for holistic approaches that integrate previously “siloed” food sustainability assessments. It recognizes that these systems cut across ethical, social, economic, political, environmental, and ecological issues that cannot be addressed independently. Food systems have evolved into highly complex supply chains, where changes due to new policies,...

Get to Know Your Food: Claims, Labels & Ingredients

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (89)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (90)





Learn how to make the healthiest and best food choices amidst processed and packaged foods...

Sustainable Food Security: Crop Production

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (91)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (92)

Feeding nine billion in 2050 without exhausting the planetary reserves is perhaps the greatest challenge mankind has ever faced. This course will examine the principles of production ecology and the ‘availability pillar’ of global food security that lie at the heart of food production. They can be applied to both crops and animal production. This course on the basics of crop production will discuss why yields in some parts of the world are lagging behind and identify the agro-ecological drivers...

Introduction to Food and Our Environment

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (93)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (94)

This course is designed to help learners around the world become more sustainable eaters. Together, we'll explore key topics, like how food production impacts the environment and why meat production and protein consumption are often at the center of the debate around sustainability. We'll introduce the pros and cons of different kinds of agriculture, fishing and food packaging, with a focus on how we can make more environmentally friendly decisions on a daily basis. We'll also look ahead and exp...

The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (95)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (96)





For Existing Food & Restaurant Businesses & Start Ups. This course will significantly improve you chance of success...

The Economics of Agro-Food Value Chains

Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (97)Top 15 Food Service Worker Skills (98)

Have a look at our trailer for a brief introduction to this course: https://youtu. be/GADAgxTHjgE In this course, you learn how the agro-food value chain approaches the challenge of constantly improving its competitiveness by producing high quality food and products and also aiming to attain greater sustainability. Some of the topics of this course are: The notion of quality for food and agricultural products and consumer value. How to conduct market research in this field. Labelling, branding a...

Most Common Skills For Food Service Workers

RankFood Service Worker SkillPercentage of Food Service Workers
1Positive Attitude23.4%
2Safety Standards10.8%
3Customer Service10.1%
4Food Safety8.4%
7Tray Line3.9%
8Portion Control3.8%
9Kitchen Equipment3.6%
10Food Products3.4%
12Sanitation Standards2.5%
13Steam Tables2.3%
14Customer Complaints2.1%
15Food Trays1.9%
16Food Preparation1.8%
17Kitchen Utensils1.5%
18Meal Service1%
19Menu Items0.7%
20Food Carts0.5%
22Credit Card0.5%
24Safety Procedures0.3%
25Patient Meals0.3%
26Ice Cream0.2%
27Cold Food Items0.2%
28Patient Rooms0.2%
29Customer Orders0.2%
30Proper Storage0.2%
31Hospital Patients0.2%
32Safe Environment0.2%
33Timely Fashion0.2%
34Special Diets0.1%
35Cooking Utensils0.1%
36Cooking Surfaces0.1%
37Proper Procedures0.1%
38Inventory Control0.1%
39Sanitation Guidelines0.1%
40Clean Kitchen0.1%
41Food Warmers0.1%
42Storage Areas0.1%
43Food Line0.1%
44Mop Floors0%
45Drink Orders0%
46Immediate Service0%
47Production Orders0%
48Storage Cabinets0%
49Food Distribution0%
50Special Orders0%

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What does a Food Service Worker do?
Career Paths for a Food Service Worker


What are the 9 skills needed for the foodservice industry? ›

What are food service skills?
  • Food preparation.
  • Waiting tables.
  • Food knowledge.
  • Point of sales system.
  • Reservation system.
  • Operating kitchen equipment.
  • Sanitizing procedures.
  • Bartending.

What skills are needed in the food service industry? ›

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
  • Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
  • Ability to follow routine verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability to read and write.
  • Ability to understand and follow safety procedures.
  • Ability to safely use cleaning equipment and supplies.
2 May 2021

What do you think is the best skill a food service attendant should have? ›

As a food server, you need to be able to communicate effectively and clearly, both with customers and with colleagues. You need to be able to listen attentively, understand customer concerns, and relay them to the cooks or management effectively.

What skills do you use at work mention at least 1? ›

Top skills employers look for
  • Communication skills. Communication skills are needed in virtually any job. ...
  • Leadership skills. ...
  • Teamwork skills. ...
  • Interpersonal skills. ...
  • Learning/adaptability skills. ...
  • Self-management skills. ...
  • Organizational skills. ...
  • Computer skills.

What are the 3 skill levels? ›

Use this as a guide:
  • Beginner: A novice understanding of the skill. You have exposure to the skill and understand basic concepts, but you lack experience. ...
  • Intermediate: Between a beginner and an expert. ...
  • Expert: A highly developed skill level.

What are the 12 qualities of food and service personnel? ›

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Punctuality.
  • Honesty.
  • Loyalty.
  • Conduct.
  • Personality.
  • Attitude towards guests.
  • Sense of urgency.
21 Jul 2020

What are food skills? ›

Food skills are defined as a set of skills needed to provide and prepare safe, healthy and culturally familiar meals. These skills include how to buy and or grow food, read labels, plan meals, prepare and cook food safely, store food and make recipe substitutions.

What are good skills to have to work at a restaurant? ›

5 Restaurant & Food Service Skills for Your Resume
  • Health, Allergen, and Food Safety Training and Certifications. Cross-contamination. ...
  • Food Service, Kitchen, & Hospitality Tech. ...
  • Cooking and Food Preparation. ...
  • Taste Profiling. ...
  • Business Savvy. ...
  • Patience. ...
  • Multitasking. ...
  • Mental Math.
5 days ago

What are skills for serving? ›

Server skills
  • Basic math.
  • Communication.
  • Customer service.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Teamwork.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Stamina.

What are the 4 work skills? ›

Here are the seven essential employability skills with examples:
  • Positive attitude. Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong.
  • Communication. You can listen and say information clearly when you speak or write.
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Self-management. ...
  • Willingness to learn. ...
  • Thinking skills (problem solving and decision making) ...
  • Resilience.

What are 5 skills employers look for? ›

Top 5 Skills Employers Look For
  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Professionalism and strong work ethic.
  • Oral and written communications skills.
  • Leadership.

What are the 7 process skills? ›

Science process skills include observing qualities, measuring quantities, sorting/classifying, inferring, predicting, experimenting, and communicating.

What are examples of skills? ›

For example: Good communication skills. Critical thinking. Working well in a team.

What are basic skills types? ›

Research has found there are three basic categories of skills in the world: knowledges, transferable skills and self-management skills.

What are hard skills for food service? ›

Key Skills
  • Inventory management.
  • Customer service.
  • Menu/recipe memorization.
  • Attending multiple customers.
  • Cash register operation.
  • Ordering procedures.

What are the 12 types of food and beverage service operation? ›

What is F&B Service: Types of Food and Beverage Services
  • a) Waiter Service. English Service. American Service. French Service. Russian Service. Gueridon Service. Tray Service.
  • b) Self Service.
  • c) Assisted Service. Single Point Service. Cafeteria Service / Counter Service. Room Service. Lounge Service.
8 Sept 2022

What is the 5 characteristics of high quality food? ›

These food quality attributes include:
  • Appearance (including size, shape, colour, gloss and consistency)
  • Texture.
  • Flavour.
  • Nutritional content.
  • Ethical and sustainable production.

What is qualities of food and service personnel? ›

  • Punctuality. Punctuality is all important. ...
  • Local Knowledge. ...
  • Personality. ...
  • Attitude to customers. ...
  • Memory. ...
  • Honesty. ...
  • Loyalty. ...
  • Conduct.
11 Sept 2015

What are the 12 cooking skills? ›

12 Cooking Skills Every Young Adult Should Learn
  • Making Stock. ...
  • Creating a Flavorful Sauce. ...
  • Cooking a Hot Breakfast. ...
  • Mixing Up Fancy Cocktails. ...
  • Saving Time and Dishes with One-Pot (or Sheet-Pan) Dinners. ...
  • Whisking Together Homemade Salad Dressing. ...
  • Prepping Meals. ...
  • Roasting Vegetables.
30 May 2016

What is food safety skill? ›

A skill is being able to do something. It means that food handlers and their supervisors are able to do the things in their work that keep food safe. Knowledge is knowing about or understanding something. It means that food handlers and their supervisors know what must be done to keep food safe.

What is food management skills? ›

Food service managers must understand all aspects of the restaurant business, including how to budget for supplies, comply with regulations, and manage workers. Communication skills. Food service managers must give clear orders to staff and be able to convey information effectively to employees and customers.

What are my personal skills? ›

Personal skills are recognised as soft skills which are not easy to teach (although not impossible). They are also known as interpersonal or even 'people' skills. Examples include dependability, adaptability, motivation, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

What are the special skills? ›

Top ten skills for 10 common job functions
educationadministrativeaccounting & finance
Ability to Work in a TeamCustomer ServiceCustomer Service
Communication SkillsMultitasking SkillsLeadership
Fast LearnerExcellent Communication SkillsCommunication Skills
Strong Organizational SkillsMicrosoft OfficeAdaptability
6 more rows

What are professional skills? ›

Professional skills are career competencies and abilities used in the workplace that are beneficial for nearly any job. Professional skills are a combination of both hard skills (job-specific duties that can be trained) and soft skills (transferable traits like work ethic, communication, and leadership).

What skills does a fast food worker have? ›

Physical Speed and Strength
  • Ability to Learn Quickly.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Fast Worker.
  • Flexible.
  • Multitasking.
  • Working Quickly.
  • Serving.
  • Short Order Cooking.
10 Mar 2022

What are the most important skills for a kitchen staff? ›

What skills do cooks need?
  1. Food safety. In most cases, it's the role of cooks to check that the food they prepare is safe for consumption. ...
  2. Teamwork. ...
  3. Commitment to quality. ...
  4. Cleanliness. ...
  5. Multitasking. ...
  6. Creativity. ...
  7. Attention to detail. ...
  8. Ability to accept criticism.
18 Oct 2021

What is the skills of service crew? ›

Those looking to work in this field should demonstrate throughout their resumes customer focus, food hygiene knowledge, effective communication, problem-solving orientation, and good numeracy skills. Most Service Crews hold a high school diploma or are students working part-time.

What skills do you learn at a restaurant? ›

Restaurants are fast-paced environments. Regardless of which job you have in a restaurant, you will learn to multitask and work in a stressful environment. You also learn customer service skills and improve your ability to communicate not only with customers but also with other members of the staff.

What skills can you gain from working? ›

15 Key Skills You Can Gain from Work Experience
  • Self-reliance. To an extent, university also helps you develop self-reliance. ...
  • Interpersonal skills. ...
  • Problem-solving skills. ...
  • Commercial awareness. ...
  • Maturity. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Practical skills. ...
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem.
23 Aug 2021

How do I become a good food server? ›

21 server tips and tricks
  1. Write “thank you” on your guest's checks. ...
  2. Speak to your guests, learn their preferences and suggest drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. ...
  3. Always stay positive and approach guests with a smile.
  4. Offer recommendations to guests based on their preferences and your experiences.

What 3 skills can you bring? ›

Here are some of the most constantly in-demand transferable skills.
  • Communication. Effective communication is essential in any role. ...
  • Organisation and planning. ...
  • Motivation and enthusiasm. ...
  • Initiative. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Leadership skills. ...
  • Problem solving. ...
  • Flexibility.

Which skills are the most important and the most needed? ›

So, if you're looking to accelerate your career, here are the 12 soft skills that you need to succeed.
  • Verbal communication. ...
  • Written communication. ...
  • Empathy. ...
  • Creativity. ...
  • Problem-solving. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Negotiation. ...
  • Technology.
10 Sept 2019

What are your skills and strengths? ›

In most job interviews, candidates will be asked to describe their strengths and weaknesses.
What employers are looking for:
Analytical skillsHard skills (defined by the job description)
Communication skillsSoft skills (such as public speaking)
Leadership skills
Ability to work in a team

What are the 8 core skills? ›

Communication, Identifying and Understanding Feelings, Balancing Emotions, Problem Solving, Coping and Resilience, Conflict Management and Resolution, Self-Perceived Competence, and Diversity Awareness & Respect.

What are 6 skills that a good employee should have? ›

Top 6 Skills Every Employee Should Have
  • Communication. Whether with peers and colleagues or clients, everyone has to be a confident communicator going into a professional environment, and this encompasses both written and verbal communication. ...
  • Computer Skills. ...
  • Team Work. ...
  • Customer Service. ...
  • Organisation. ...
  • Willingness to Learn.

How do I answer my skills? ›

Explain How Your Skills Qualify You For the Job

You can answer this question in two parts. First, explain what the attribute is and how you have demonstrated it in the past (or how you currently demonstrate it in your workplace). Then, explain why that skill makes you uniquely qualified to work for the company.

What is your greatest skill answer samples? ›

Sample Answer 1:

“My greatest strength is attention to detail. I've always been detail-oriented in my work, and it's something I enjoy. I saw on your job description that this role involves a lot of detail-oriented work, which is one reason I applied.

How do I say my skills in an interview? ›

Personal skills, such as being positive and responsible, learning quickly and working safely. Teamwork skills, such as working well with others, and helping your team with their projects and tasks. Fundamental skills, such as communicating well, managing information, using numbers, and solving problems.

Why should we hire you answer best? ›

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.

Why are skills important in a job? ›

You'll be seen more positively by employers. They prefer applicants who are willing to learn new skills. You'll feel more confident during interviews. Your resumes, cover letters, and job applications will be stronger.

What are 7 factors you must consider when you develop a menu? ›

Following are the points that should be considered when menu planning:
  • Competition.
  • The policy of the establishment.
  • Customer.
  • Operational aspect.
  • Gastronomic standpoint.
  • Nutritional aspect.
  • Government regulations.
21 Jun 2022

What are the skills involved in preparing and cooking food? ›

Food skills include:
  • Knowledge (i.e. about food, nutrition, label reading, food safety, ingredient substitution)
  • Planning (i.e. organizing meals, food preparation on a budget, teaching food skills to.
  • children)
  • Conceptualizing food (i.e. creative use of leftovers, adjusting recipes)
13 Jan 2011

What are 3 skills a food inspector should have? ›

The eight most common skills based on Food Inspector resumes in 2022.
  • Food Preparation, 26.9%
  • Federal Laws, 14.0%
  • Full Range, 10.9%
  • Food Safety, 9.5%
  • Sanitation Procedures, 9.1%
  • Human Consumption, 5.2%
  • Food Animals, 3.1%
  • Other Skills, 21.3%
18 Aug 2021

What are the 5 types of menu? ›

There are 5 fundamental types of menus that are used in restaurants, and they are the most commonly used. These are a la carte, static, du jour, cycle, and fixed menus.

What 4 factors are most important in your food decisions? ›

Physical determinants such as access, education, skills (e.g. cooking) and time. Social determinants such as culture, family, peers and meal patterns. Psychological determinants such as mood, stress and guilt. Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge about food.

How do you present a menu? ›

[Module 5] Presenting the Menu - YouTube

What are the 12 skills of cooking? ›

12 Cooking Skills Every Young Adult Should Learn
  • Making Stock. ...
  • Creating a Flavorful Sauce. ...
  • Cooking a Hot Breakfast. ...
  • Mixing Up Fancy Cocktails. ...
  • Saving Time and Dishes with One-Pot (or Sheet-Pan) Dinners. ...
  • Whisking Together Homemade Salad Dressing. ...
  • Prepping Meals. ...
  • Roasting Vegetables.
30 May 2016

What are food skills? ›

Food skills are defined as a set of skills needed to provide and prepare safe, healthy and culturally familiar meals. These skills include how to buy and or grow food, read labels, plan meals, prepare and cook food safely, store food and make recipe substitutions.

What are the 6 responsibilities of a food handler? ›

Examples include making, cooking, preparing, serving, packing, displaying and storing food. Food handlers can also be involved in manufacturing, producing, collecting, extracting, processing, transporting, delivering, thawing or preserving food.

What are the 4 keys to food safety? ›

Four Steps to Food Safety: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill. Following four simple steps at home—Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill—can help protect you and your loved ones from food poisoning.


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