Winter storm cleanup information – City of Georgetown Texas (2023)

Updated Friday, Feb. 3, 5 p.m.
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TheNational Weather Service forecasts below-freezing temperatures again Friday night into Saturday morning, with a small potential for freezing fog.. Please keep an eye on the weather, as freezing temperatures could continue to prolong this storm and its effects (i.e. electric outages, downed limbs, and icy roads).

Tree limbs & downed electric lines: Emergency repair permitting through this weekend

The City WILL NOT go on private property to remove or cut down tree limbs. If you are a Georgetown utility customer and have tree limbs on power lines, DO NOT touch them. This includes limbs on feeder lines along the street or on service lines between your house and a pole.

For limbs on electric feeder lines along the street, report to, and the electric utility will remove the limb and make any needed repairs.

For limbs on a service line from a pole to your house, or for damaged or disconnected service lines, you must submit a request through our Permitting and Inspections Department. Call or email Permitting for meter disconnect/reconnect at 512-930–2550 or (please add “Winter Storm 2023 Electric Meters” to the email subject). Emergency repair permitting requests are ONLY available until 5 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 3, and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 4 and 5). Once the permitting request is received and processed, our crews will disconnect electricity while the repairs are made by the private contractor hired by the resident. City electric crews will not be making repairs on private property.

If this process changes after Feb. 5, we will update here and on City social media channels.

Tree limb disposal

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Limbs and trees on roadways, sidewalks, and powerlines in the City’s right of way will be removed. Please report these

The City will not go on private property to remove or cut down tree limbs. Residents who need to dispose of downed trees and limbs from the winter storm have several options.

(Best option) For residential customersin the Georgetown city limits, tree and limb debris can be placed by the curbon the first recycling day of the month. Debris must be in bundles, a personal container, or a compostable paper bag.

Georgetown residents may alsodrop off up to three cubic yards of yard trimmings each monthat the Transfer Station, 250 W.L. Walden Road. Please bring a copy of your utility bill to show proof of residence to have your fees waived.

These two services are also available to the following Municipal Utility Districts: Berry Creek Highlands, Northwest Williamson County 2, Parkside on the River 1, Shell Road, West Williamson County 1, and Williamson County MUDs 12, 15, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, and 34.

The City is working on a plan to collect tree limbs for residents in the city limits later this month to give residents time to clean up their property. No other debris (appliances, construction materials, etc.) will be collected. This complimentary service will be funded by the City’s general fund, so only City of Georgetown residents are eligible for this service. More information will be posted soon.

Residents in the extraterritorial jurisdiction

The monthly, regular services—curbside brushy pickup and free, 3 cubic yard Transfer Station drop-offs—are available to in-City residents and eligible municipal utility districts, because of the fees they pay. The special curbside limb collection will be paid for with City property taxes. Residents in the extraterritorial jurisdiction, who do not pay those costs, will not be eligible for any of these services.

(Video) Ice Storm Warning brings concerns of downed trees, power outages for parts of North Texas

Residents in the ETJ and commercial customers should contact their solid waste provider to learn about their options. You also can hire a private contractor or haul debris to a collection site—fees and limits apply. Here are some resources:

  • Georgetown Transfer Station, 250 W.D. Waldon Drive: $8.25 per cubic yard (a pickup truck bed is about 3 cubic yards, so would cost about $25)
  • Organics By Gosh, 2040 FM 969 (in Austin): Pickup Truck $32; trailer $62
  • Killeen Transfer Station, 12200 Hwy. 195: Nonresidents pay $4.62 per 100 pounds (a pickup truck bed is about 3 cubic yards, so would cost about $40)

If you aren’t sure if you live in the city limits,please refer to this map.If you still have questions about whether you’re eligible, please contact your solid waste provider.

Removing and pruning heritage trees

If you had a heritage tree damaged in the winter storm, make sure you take pictures and store them somewhere you can easily find them later. This may help with future pruning or removal permits.

Not sure if your tree qualifies as a heritage tree? TheHeritage Tree classificationapplies to any of the following tree species that has a diameter of 26 inches or larger: Live Oak, Post Oak, Shumard Oak, Bur Oak, Chinquapin Oak, Monterey Oak, Bald Cypress, American Elm, Cedar Elm, Pecan, Walnut, Texas Ash, or Southern Magnolia.

For more details or questions, please

Trash and Recycling Collection

Trash and recycling collection by Texas Disposal Systems has been delayed because of the weather. Please put your carts at the curb on your scheduled day and leave them if they are not picked up. TDS is operating on Friday and is working to catch up on missed routes by Sunday, Feb. 5.

For questions about solid waste collection, call TDS at 512-930-1715.

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Continue to watch for downed trees in roadways and use caution while driving as crews continue to work.


Friday, Feb. 3, update: Georgetown is still experiencing some electric outages due to icing on trees and impacts to power lines. Electric crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to assess damages and make repairs. Restoration work continues.

For Georgetown electric utility outages,check our online outage map. If you don’t see your location included in the outage, please call 512-930-3640, then press 1 to report it. Our system will recognize your number if it’s tied to your utility account.

There have been no Electric Reliability Council of Texas-mandated rolling outages in this storm event. Grid information and statewide electric supply and demand can be seen in real-time

Many Georgetown residents may not have City electric. Other area providers includeOncorandPEC.

If you have been without electricity for multiple hours, here are some tips for extended power outages from FEMA:

  • Do NOT use a gas stove or oven to heat your home
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges
  • Keep freezers & refrigerators closed
  • More tips here

You may also consider alternate accommodations. The City is working withThe Caring Placeand theMinisterial Allianceto provide after-hours assistance in the form of emergency hotel stay vouchers for those needing shelter when temperatures are 32 degrees or below, or the temperature is 35 degrees or below and it is raining. Vouchers are limited. Call 512-943-0700 during daytime hours or 512-930-3510 after hours. Read information about warming centers throughout Texas.

(Video) Dealing with insurance after the ice storm | KVUE

Reporting damage

Williamson County is under a disaster declaration due to the winter storm. If you live in Williamson County and experience any damage to your home or business from this winter weather,fill out this surveyto help state officials document damages. Damage can include cost of spoiled food from power outages, frozen pipes, and roof or solar panel damage from falling limbs. Do not include broken or damaged trees, as this reporting only considers damages to homes and businesses.

To receive help from the federal government during a disaster, states need to submit a preliminary damage assessment that details the severity of the damage. The assessment will determine whether the federal government needs to provide aid and how much money will be available to residents.

This report does not replace notifying your insurance company or guarantee assistance.

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Weather Updates

Check Road Conditions

Local Outages

  • View outages in the Georgetown service area.
  • For additional information on what you can do during an outage, visit theRed CrossPower Outage

City Social Media

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